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  1. zdeathclock

    Name some Mobile Games

    Only mobile games I use to heavily play were infinity blade (1,2,3) and bloons TD 5. Other than that the only other game on mobile that I still play every so often is called flow free which is just a puzzle game.
  2. zdeathclock

    You also contributed to that 1v4 lose :D

    You also contributed to that 1v4 lose :D
  3. zdeathclock

    Forum game

    Alright, i think it's time for a forum game. This game will be nice and easy; the objective is to make me laugh with a meme or something of the sort. If you are able to make me laugh, you win 2 rebellions! The only other rule is you get to try and make me laugh with just one meme and please...
  4. zdeathclock

    Bad at HOI4 and pubg. smdh

    Bad at HOI4 and pubg. smdh
  5. zdeathclock

    J Here!

    Welcome to GR!
  6. zdeathclock

    What Is The Worst Weapon In Pubg?

    The R1895, the magnum. Sure it has high damage but reloading takes forever and its fire rate is slow af. Wouldn't use that thing unless it was the ONLY gun i found in a house.
  7. zdeathclock

    Maybe, we'll find out

    Maybe, we'll find out
  8. zdeathclock

    Wrong, 2nd best. 99 was the best

    Wrong, 2nd best. 99 was the best
  9. zdeathclock

    Fivem Servers

    I have never heard of a FiveM server before. What is it?
  10. zdeathclock

    I am out of this race. Say goodbye to your son gray.

    I am out of this race. Say goodbye to your son gray.
  11. zdeathclock

    Don't worry, I'll bribe you double to find your son

    Don't worry, I'll bribe you double to find your son
  12. zdeathclock

    3D Modeling

    I have done some modeling in inventor for a CAD class and I had a ton of fun with it, granted it always took me so long to be able to make anything cause I tried so hard to pay attention to detail. I think making a 3-D model takes some skill but being able to animate it past what was made is WAY...
  13. zdeathclock

    Can You Cheat On Call Of Duty?

    I think cheating for CoD is much exclusive to PC. I am sure there are some for console but PC probably has a much higher rate for cheating. The kinds of cheat though I would imagine would be like CS:GO like wall hacks or aim bot or those prestige hack lobbies.
  14. zdeathclock

    Make Dave Grand Mop Again!

    -1 I want admiral. Admiral twos for admiral. (jk +1 )
  15. zdeathclock

    Civilization V

    I took a big break from Civ 5, but I do enjoy it. Played it recently and had a good time!
  16. zdeathclock

    What's The First Game You Played On Pc

    First game? hmmmmmm. If i remember correctly it was runescape. When i was little and told about it i thought it was moon scape so I spent a lot of time trying to find it until my friend physically typed it in for me.
  17. zdeathclock

    Hearts Of Iron Iv: Madagascar Rising

    Haven't played yet so I can not know if it is any good, but from what you say and that it got to the steam best weekly i think it's gotta be fun!
  18. zdeathclock

    Where do you buy games?

    I buy my games from steam, humble bundle, and spend rebellions on the shop! Digital is the way to go in this day in age ( minus console )
  19. zdeathclock

    Salutations, The Names Revenant

    Oh boy, we got 2 jokers now. Welcome back to GR!
  20. zdeathclock

    Everyone Is Coming Back! So I Guess I Might Also

    Jordan has told me about you. Welcome back to GR!