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  1. Bazinga!

    Avengers: Age of Ultron

    I got to go see this movie on May 29th. I really enjoyed this movie but I figured I would like it. There is only one thing that made me a little sad but I won't say it here because I don't want to spoil things for the people that haven't watched the movie yet.
  2. Bazinga!

    Last thing you ate & drank

    For me it is what I had for breakfast this morning. I had a big glass of milk to drink and I ate some sausage, hashbrowns, and buscuits and gravy.
  3. Bazinga!

    What are you listening to?

    I've been listening to a lot of Enya lately. This song has been stuck in my head for a while now.
  4. Bazinga!

    Movie vs. Book?

    If Hollywood makes a movie based on a book, do you read the book first or watch the movie first? Why? Do you end up doing both?
  5. Bazinga!

    Smart phone?

    How many IPhone's do you think that Apple will make? I mean, how long do you think IPhone will go on?
  6. Bazinga!

    Mario Kart 8

    I have heard about Luigi's death stare but I haven't seen it because I haven't played as Luigi yet. I'm going to have to now to see what everyone is talking about.
  7. Bazinga!

    Harry Potter Fans?

    I guess I must be the only one that likes the Harry Potter games. I've thought about a Harry Potter RPG, that wouldn't be a bad idea.
  8. Bazinga!

    For or against 2nd Amendment?

    Stealth, I agree with you 100%. If I were standing near you right now, I'd want to shake your hand. I don't think that people realize that if the government takes away the 2nd Amendment then what would stop them from taking away everything else? Not a darn thing! That's exactly why a...
  9. Bazinga!

    The Seventh Son

    In addition to the movie I posted above, I'm also interested in seeing Transformers 4 (which comes out later this month) and Avengers 2 (which I heard is in the works but I don't know when it's coming out).
  10. Bazinga!

    Favorite Xbox Game

    Mine would be Street Fighter. I have played Street Fighter on several different consoles but that is my favorite on the X-box 360.
  11. Bazinga!

    Smart phone?

    What kind of smart phone do you have? I own a Samsung Galaxy Mega with a 6.3 inch screen. I just got it in March and I am enjoying it a lot.
  12. Bazinga!

    Harry Potter Fans?

    Anyone here play any of the Harry Potter games? If you do, which one is your favorite? I'm sorry but I'm a big Harry Potter fan. I enjoy playing all the games, especially Harry Potter : Quidditch World Cup.
  13. Bazinga!

    For or against 2nd Amendment?

    Are you in favor or against the 2nd Amendment (the right to bear arms)? Do you think it's okay for law-abiding citizens to own a firearm or do you think they should be banned? This is a hot topic where I live so I just wanted to see what your opinions are on this subject.
  14. Bazinga!

    PS1 Favorite PS1 Game

    My favorite PS1 game was Twisted Metal. I loved playing that game. It was even more fun when you had other people to play that game with.
  15. Bazinga!

    The Seventh Son

    Are there any movies that you are just dying to see? I'm waiting for a movie called "The Seventh Son". It doesn't come out till February 6, 2015. It stars Jeff Bridges, Ben Barnes and Julianne Moore. I have read the book that this movie is based on, it happens to be one of my favorite...
  16. Bazinga!

    What type music do you like?

    I listen to rock/metal most of the time. The only thing I can't stand is country and that is because I'm forced to listen to it all day at work.
  17. Bazinga!

    Windows 8?

    There are a lot of people where I live that don't seem to like it. I have it on my laptop and I like it just fine. It took some getting use to when I first got my laptop (my laptop came with Windows 8 on it) but I don't see the big deal personally. I don't know if there is something...
  18. Bazinga!

    Mario Kart 8

    Did you get Mario Kart 8 when it was released? Did you pre-order it or did you just go to the store and buy it? How do you like it so far? I got it on Friday, however, I didn't pre-order it as I figured there would be a store around here that would have enough copies that I could get one...
  19. Bazinga!

    Hello to all!

    Hi everybody. I'm Bazinga! and I live in the South (from the U.S. if you live outside the country). I enjoy reading, playing with my dog, going to the movies, running my own forum, and playing video games. I hope to meet you all and I'll see you around!