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  1. kittyworker

    Do you think GTA V is too violent?

    I find it always funny when I talk with my friends and people who have played GTA V. They know what the game is and they feel it is to be expected. So why does the media have big hissyfits around GTA V and its violence? This is after they showed 5 minutes of bombing in the middle east or some...
  2. kittyworker

    Opinion on Early Access?

    I think our viewpoints aren't really that different. We both want to support games, just the early access system through Steam is Flawed. I think so if they removed it a lot of developers will struggle to cover development costs. For myself, I will only invest in early access games I know have...
  3. kittyworker

    Guild Wars 2

    Does anyone still played or has played Guild Wars 2? I played this from launch to last year on and off and found parts of the awesome and other parts equally frustrating. The biggest thing for me was just the massive change from GW1, a game I loved but started playing it too late and missed its...
  4. kittyworker

    Coming soon to WoW: Buying game time with gold

    Interesting idea, is the value of gold a bit high at the moment? I'm also interested in how this may effect their player subscriptions. This pay structure worked limited in games like Eve so will be watching WoW closely to see if it steers more towards a f2p model.
  5. kittyworker

    Minecraft Story Mode

    Have you guys heard that mojang and telltale have teamed up to develop Minecraft: Story Mode Edition? I thought this following bullet point (from mojang site link below) was very interesting: "Minecraft: Story Mode will be released episodically, just like The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead, or...
  6. kittyworker

    Opinion on Early Access?

    I agree that Steam needs certain criteria. I don't agree that the format is bad. Games with even a clear development roadmap may have technical issues or staffing problems along the way. Games with early access need to be at least playable, and then you may paying for playing the game at that...
  7. kittyworker

    Opinion on Early Access?

    There have been a few games that I have bought on the early access model. Minecraft was probably my first, a streamer on Justin.tv (What became twitch.tv) named Ickum was playing the game and it looked interesting enough that I gave it a try. This was back when the game was still in the 'indev'...
  8. kittyworker

    Now that the Steam Winter Sale is over, post your hauls and how much you spent!

    Hmm, not sure how much I spent but I can at least share the games I bought during the sale. It was much fewer than I have in years past because We just got a new dog and the fence needed repairing. Anyways, heres the games... Dont Starve Together Folk Tale Fight the Dragon 2-pack Endless Legend...
  9. kittyworker

    Is PC really master race?

    PC is superior and always will be, but that doesn't mean its player base is any better than the consoles. There are many games out there on the PC who have really bad player communities just like you have on some console games. I prefer to play on PC but I wont rule out a game just because its...
  10. kittyworker

    What is your favorite free-to-play game?

    I hate MOBAs, Hate em with a passion now. I played the Dota Mod for a long time and then League of Legends when it was still in closed Beta. Now LoL has one of the worst gaming communities I have ever seen and I just cant get into Dota 2 like I did the mod. maybe its because with the Dota map It...
  11. kittyworker

    Minecraft best on what console?

    Console? Well from what I've read they are pretty much the exact same. That being said I wouldn't bother with a console version. The game has been out awhile now and it really shouldn't be a problem to run the game on most computers. The PC version is superior in pretty much every conceivable way.
  12. kittyworker

    GTA V preorders just went live on Steam!

    A big part of me wants to pre-order the game again. I mean I already know that its a great game so theres really no risk of me not liking it. I also know that getting the game on PC is the only chance I have of being able to play with my partner. At the same time I just got the game for PS4 a...
  13. kittyworker

    PS3 What's your "Essential Games" list?

    Im sorry, but I'd just like to point out that you have picked four games that are available on the Next Gen consoles. To me they need to be exclusive to, at the very least that generation, to be essential. As for the Original question... Metal Gear Solid 4 Red Dead Redemption Assassins Creed 2
  14. kittyworker

    Do you think GTA V is too violent?

    Thats kind of my point. Kids are supposed to be more in touch with violence as they are exposed to it more in movies, television, and music. Its far less likely to corrupt them today. However the story from 200 years ago was posted as an example to show that exposing kids to violence is nothing...
  15. kittyworker

    PS2 Do You Still Own A PlayStation 2?

    I still "own" one but its back at my moms place. To ship it here would cost more than what it would cost to buy a used one. There aren't all that many games that I own on it that haven't been released on PC that I would really want to delve back into. I'm big on the whole 'keeping the NO in...
  16. kittyworker

    PS2 Favorite PlayStation 2 Game

    Oh geez, picking just one game from the PS2 is really difficult. I can narrow it down easily to 3 games but once there I am having trouble awarding first, second, and third. The game I spent the most time playing would probably be Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. While it didn't really break any...
  17. kittyworker

    Do you think GTA V is too violent?

    I know, I've been paying the serious since III came out while I was in high-school. I don't think the game need to change. Too many people argue that the games violence corrupts our children. Well I want to present to you an old children's story that was collected in Grimm Fairy Tales. A...
  18. kittyworker

    What's your favorite Gameboy games/s.

    Pokemon Red and close second Pokemon trading card game. I just played a lot of the Pokemon games really, even Pokemon Pinball was quite fun too.
  19. kittyworker

    Do you think GTA V is too violent?

    Does anyone think that Rockstar went a little overboard on the violence and inappropriateness front? One recent example is I killed someone by throwing snowballs at him. I'm under the feeling that hey, its a Rockstar game, it should be offensive - however what do you guys think?
  20. kittyworker

    Kitty here

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Yeah I'm definitely looking forward to GTA V coming up on PC. I'm not that great at Madden yet but I'm practicing haha.