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  1. peachpurple

    Games For The Aged

    My mother in law who is 85 years old plays Mahjong game offline, I downloaded into her PC and her smartphone. She also likes Bejeweled and Solitaire games. Some games that shoot to get pass to another level- that is not her cup of tea.
  2. peachpurple

    Is PC/Online gaming the wave of the future?

    Yes, it will the future generation to venture whether online or offline pc games. There are still laptop and desktop gamers at home because the processor and ram requirement for some games could not reach for smartphone users. Games online with good realistic graphic scenes are well accepted by...
  3. peachpurple

    Are There Good Games For Linux?

    iHave you tried Xonotic? It is also known as Nexuiz to some players. I kind of like this game because it is a shooter alike game genre. There are assorted weapons and firing methods to choose from, lots of maps to choose and a few jumping , combining weapons options. You won't get bored with...
  4. peachpurple

    What's The First Game You Played On Pc

    The first game that I got hooked was Gardenscape, my son had introduced it to me at Bigfish games and Playstore. There are a few version but I prefer the first version. It is a time management and search the hidden item game plus you can earn coins. A very addictive game that now I had it...
  5. peachpurple

    What game got you into PC gaming world?

    My 10 year old son introduced me Gardenscape and I was hooked to it ! It is a time management and searching for items, helps to increase speed, spot the items and alertness. Very addictive games and earning the coins too !
  6. peachpurple

    Get Paid to Play Mobile Games

    How do you know how much you are earning when you play the games? If it really pays, then it is worth to give a shot. At Earnably, there are games apps to download and earn credits or points once the application is downloaded and activated. However, the player has to play up to level 5 before...
  7. peachpurple

    Mobile Games: Free Or Paid

    Me too, I download free to play games from Google play or Bigfish games. There are many new games coming up every day. No point buying the games.
  8. peachpurple

    Are You Losing Interest Too?

    It depends on the weather for me. When the weather is hot, it is impossible to play online or video games while perspiring. So it puts off my mood. Lately, the weather had turned cold, it is raining now. So, I am having the mood of taking out the old video games to play and kill the time. I...
  9. peachpurple

    Favorite PC Game Genre?

    I am a huge fan of Bigfish games. Although the games downloaded are limited to a period of time then have to purchase it in order to continue playing, I don't mind playing different games after the period ends. Time management game is my favorite genre. One of my favorite is Gardenscape, there...
  10. peachpurple

    How long has it been?

    Yes, you are right, I am too busy with household chores, kids homework that the video game gadget became dusty, covered with cobwebs in the corner of the TV console. Even my kids are not interested in video games anymore. However, we do play it once in a while, during the school holidays, just...
  11. peachpurple

    Do you buy items in mobile games?

    I had never bought any apps games online. The most I would delete the games and reinstall them, re play the whole games again. You have to be careful when you play app games that allows to pay online. These games will deduct your phone money balance without you notice the changes.
  12. peachpurple

    How Far Can You Go Just to Play Your Favorite Mobile Game?

    Nope, I do not play games until past bed time because my eyesight is failing too. I had been watching Korean dramas and blogging until past midnight that my eye vision had became blurry. I do play apps games for a short time, maybe 20minutes and stop, do something else before I continue again. I...
  13. peachpurple

    Racing games for mobile

    with 2GB ram and limited hard disk space, I would suggest you try Live SPeed. It is a realistic car racing game with 20 different cars to choose from and 7 racing tracks for you to try on. With bend and curvy roads, the speedometer, you will find yourself immerse into the race itself.
  14. peachpurple

    Own/Owned An Android Phone?

    I had 2 Android phones: Lenovo 860 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 I prefer Lenovo because it has faster processor speed and long lasting battery usage.
  15. peachpurple

    How long has it been?

    Well, I had store away the video gadget into the store room for a year. Yup, didn't play it for a year already. Prefer apps games
  16. peachpurple

    Who uses a laptop for gaming?

    I use laptop to play simple games that do not require 3d graphic effects. Only desktop pc is suitable to play 3D games that play for hours. Laptop will overheat and system hang when the proccessor heats up and memory ram used up. In addition, I don't play games daily.
  17. peachpurple

    The Oldest Pc Game You've Ever Played?

    Yes, nowadays, the games are so advanced that nobody wants to play the latest tetris or pac man anymore, unless for old folks.
  18. peachpurple

    What 'Type' of OS do you use?

    I am using windows 7, love the easy to use functions and user friendly. I can't stand windows 10, too complicated and hidden fuctions are hard to control
  19. peachpurple

    What kind of mouse are you using on your rig?

    I had been using a black Logitech mouse, wired, 2 buttons, very lasting mouse that had helped me to earn money online for the past 5 years. Although the scroll isn't listening, I don't care because I can scroll by click and push up or down the side bar.
  20. peachpurple

    How to overcome gaming addiction?

    I agree with you, once the teens are older, whatever parents say, nothing goes into their heads because they are persistent and demanding. So, it is best to educate and control a child's gaming addict when he is young because he is "Afraid" of parents' ground punishments.