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  1. Martinsx

    Birthday Thread!

    I happened to come across this thread a little bit too late because my own birthday was on January 1. I'm actually a born of the new year, so every new year that comes, it's first day happens to be my birthday.
  2. Martinsx

    Do you have a PS3?

    I don't have Playstation 3 but I do have Playstation 4. I was actually going to purchase PS3 before I changed my mind about it and went for PS4 and ever since then I have loved making that decision because it's a lot more better have Playstation 4 than the lower console of Playstation 3.
  3. Martinsx

    Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising

    Thanks so much for getting me to see that someone in this community is also part of the game fans base. I'm definitely going to rush to you for any assistance should I get confused along the way when I finally download the game.
  4. Martinsx

    First PC game

    I haven't gotten the opportunity to play any PC games but a very good friend of mine actually recommended one for me and it's called L. A. Noire and Police Quest : Open Season.
  5. Martinsx

    New member alert

    You are very much welcome to the community my friend @Emmaz, I'm sure that you will be enjoying your stay here because there are lots of things to get involved with discussing about in the forum. Please feel free to ask me anything should you get confused along the way on the forum, I'm my just...
  6. Martinsx

    Adidas Or Nike?

    Nike rocks well for me. I have used both Adidas and even Puma but there is this unique quality in Nike materials used for their products that makes me love it so much, it's very comfortable and comforting on my body.
  7. Martinsx

    Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising

    I have seen online ads of this game Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising and I must confess that it looks great. Although I'm yet to download it and give it a trail because I still have lots of games that I'm into but definitely before the year runs out, I'm certainly going to get it and play. Thanks for...
  8. Martinsx

    Which Game would you recommend Between Fortnite or PUBG?

    Everything depends on what actually interests a person when it comes to gaming. So in my opinion, I would suggest that you play both PUBG & Fortnite games if you haven't played the two of them and decided from the gaming experience you had from both of them on which one you prefer the most. I'm...
  9. Martinsx

    Are You Losing Interest Too?

    Welcome to the world of getting old mate and with lots of responsibilities looking straight at your face. It's the only thing that takes away my gaming interests because those responsibilities are going to take care of themselves by my giving a lot of my focus and attention to gaming. When I...
  10. Martinsx

    Pre-Order vs Rental?

    Well, I do both pre-order and rental of games but the one I do at a particular point in time is dependent on the kind of game I was looking at playing at the time. If it's a game I have a good knowledge about and have actually craved playing it for a while, then it's pre-order that I would be...
  11. Martinsx

    Football game lovers, Pes and FIFA, which do you prefer?

    When it comes to football games PES and FIFA, I'm actually into playing the both of them because they are installed on my Playstation 4 console. So I switch from playing one into the other as my desires goes with the games in a day. But if I'm to choose the one that I would preferably like to...
  12. Martinsx

    How good is your gaming skills

    I'm actually on a zero gaming experience and skills when it comes to playing on PC. I haven't tried it out for once because I'm more into Playstation console and android games. Maybe it's time for me to look at expanding into PC gaming and see how good that is as well.
  13. Martinsx

    How good is your gaming skills

    Wow @Henrywrites going to cyber Cafe to browse for techniques on how to beat your childhood playing mates is one hell of an idea. Such thoughts never occurred to me when I was still a teenager, although back then we mostly played on Sega console and Nintendo 64 games. I don't know I would use...
  14. Martinsx

    Soccer games or racing games?

    I first started out with racing games especially car racing. I don't fancy bike racing because of how oddly the biker falls with any slight touch with any obstacles on the road. But with car, I even take pleasure in smashing through lots of things and even ramming other vehicles on the road...
  15. Martinsx

    How good is your gaming skills

    I have played countless games than I ever could remember and with each one played, so does my gaming experience and skill improve by the day. I played a lot more when I was still a teenager because I had less to worry about compared to now that I have lots of responsibilities to cater for, but I...
  16. Martinsx

    Do cheat guides make games too boring?

    Personally, I'm of the opinion that cheats are what kills off people's interests in playing some particular games. I have dropped several games because of this single purpose because the cheats makes the game less challenging and if it's not challenging at all, then I see no reason why I would...
  17. Martinsx

    Do you invest real money on playing games

    You are absolutely right, addictive tendency to games is the reason why people would go out of their way to invest crazily into games and end up regretting it in the end. This happened to one good friend of mine back in the days he was a strong addict to games but I'm glad he has dropped that...
  18. Martinsx

    Do you ever feel bad at killing someone in games?

    It's a game for crying out loud and I definitely don't feel bad killing any opponent in the game. In fact the person is meant to be killed and I enjoyed doing the job 100%. I
  19. Martinsx

    Are Games Getting Boring to talk about?

    I have always appreciated my participation on game sites such as game rabel, it's been very educative and informative for me because it's helped me learn lots of new things about games I have never known existed before. I think more sites like this should exist.
  20. Martinsx

    Will PC gaming ever take over completely??

    Personally, I don't think that PC games would take over 100% percent, there are some console that have the possibility of taking over but android games are ones to look up to now. I have lots of android games lately and it's all good.