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  1. Emmaz

    Birthday Thread!

    This month March is actually my birth month and it was on 5th. So it's a shame that I joined the forum so late after my birthday just a few weeks ago but I'm just glad to say it out in the open. My birthday was on 5th March, so hopefully by next year, I will have lots of birthday wishes from you...
  2. Emmaz

    What are you listening to?

    There is this musician called Sia, her album 1000 forms of fear is what I'm listening to now, and my favorite track that I'm listening to now is Helium.
  3. Emmaz

    Fifa gamers: Who's your favourite soccer player?

    Football happens to be my favorite sport and it's giving me lots of fun and joy anytime I watch it. I even play as well but it's just on amateur level. If you check out my profile picture, you would see it's David De Gea, a Manchester United player but my favorite all time footballer is...
  4. Emmaz

    Most Goals you've scored in a game?

    In one online game that I play called Top Eleven football manger, I had this opponent in beat 16-0, it was such a crazy match. I have beaten someone 4-0 highest on PES and 6-0 on FIFA game.
  5. Emmaz

    Soccer games or racing games?

    I have played both soccer and racing games during my childhood and I must confess that I enjoyed playing both games very well. But growing up and getting to adolescent ages, my preference shifted towards soccer games than racing games. The reason for this is that racing games becomes kind of...
  6. Emmaz

    Are You Losing Interest Too?

    When it's an addiction that one is suffering from with a particular game, it's very important that it's such person try everything possible to lose interest in the game because the addiction is only going to be worst for the gamer. It's definitely going to affect that person's life patterns and...
  7. Emmaz

    Pre-Order vs Rental?

    Rental looks more wise for me because it's cheaper and it removes the option of getting bored with playing a particular game over and over again because you have it pre-ordered. But when it comes to renting, you get to play lots of games as you pleases and never get a diminishing return as you...
  8. Emmaz

    Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising

    Alright, thanks for the heads up. I will take out time to check the Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising app on the Playstore and see some of the reviews people already gave on it and possibly its rating before I make my decision in downloading the game. I hope it's going to be a good one because some...
  9. Emmaz

    Which Game would you recommend Between Fortnite or PUBG?

    If I really recalled correctly between playing PUBG & Fortnite games, I felt more comfortable and satisfied with Fortnite games more than PUBG games. Fortnite is a lot more fun and accomplishing if you get a hang of it, so therefore as much as PUBG games are good, Fortnite is always better. I...
  10. Emmaz

    Football game lovers, Pes and FIFA, which do you prefer?

    Both PES and FIFA games are still the best football games the world has ever seen and played. There is no need bickering over which one is better because they aren't developed the same way or with same coding and software. Each one comes with a different and dynamic features that makes it unique...
  11. Emmaz

    Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising

    I have only watched the movie on Ragnarok but I was never aware about the existence of the game as well. Please kindly tell me more about the game so that I can make my decision in either getting it or passing up on it. I would want an honest review about the game because I really wouldn't want...
  12. Emmaz

    Are You Losing Interest Too?

    I haven't started losing interest in the games that I play currently, in fact I'm still enjoying them like it's just yesterday which I started playing because it's still 100% fun to me playing these games. I think that too much commitment in other things is actually what's making you lose...
  13. Emmaz

    How good is your gaming skills

    If I'm permitted to rate my gaming skills, from all the games that I have played over the years from my childhood to teenager's life and now my adult life, I would give myself 8/10 rate because I'm actually good at my games even before and now as well. Although, I'm aware that there thousands...
  14. Emmaz

    New member alert

    Good Day Administrator and my fellow gamers in the platform, I'm Emmaz and it's such an honor to have myself in this gaming community. I have always looked forward to getting in touch with such gaming platforms in order to learn more on how to improve my gaming life and experience to being a lot...