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  1. Tania997

    Has anyone played the Game of Thrones video game?

    I agree. In games you don't have to respect the lenght of a movie so there really is no excuse about diminishing the lore. We should know the universe better in the game, instead they always cut things short. It almost looks like they just want money on the game's name alone.
  2. Tania997

    Hi I'm louis50

    It's very nice, it makes the controller look a bit different, almost like having its own style. I was a big fan of gears of war on the xbox 360 so if I had a one instead of a ps4, I would definitely get this controller. You should really check the price though, limited edition controllers can be...
  3. Tania997

    Do you ever feel bad at killing someone in games?

    In games where killing is normal, like Assassin's Creed, Hitman, GTA, Saints Row etc. I do not feel guilty about it because that's part of the game. When games give you a choice you really get stuck into thinking about the morals of doing that. I don't struggle fighting dogs because they usually...
  4. Tania997

    Movies into Games

    Yeah, in other ubisoft series like Assassin's Creed(which I think is still a good game, except for syndicate which had a cartoony fighting style) you see all the animations in a few hours, especially in the latest games where you now have a couple of weapons only, instead of the old ones where...
  5. Tania997

    What moment ruined a perfectly good game?

    Wow, I remember this. I played it as a kid too, and was expecting something different. I thought maybe this guy will follow us on the helicopter and I'll still have to fight him, maybe if I don't I'll get a different ending where he's still around and survives the nuke.. but nothing. I remember...
  6. Tania997

    Movies into Games

    It looks very similar to gta in the open world, side missions and random events really make the city feel alive. Web slinging in the city looked amazing and it was really relaxing for me. For a ps2 game it had a lot of things. Batman combat system will always be remembered as one of the best...
  7. Tania997

    While gaming on your PC, do you prefer your Computer Keyboard or using a Usb Game Pad

    A nice controller and an ergonomic chair is really good for your posture. I like to play for extended periods of time after work and I don't want any pain caused by incorrect posture to follow me on the job. But keyboard and mouse is so much better if you're playing fps or similar.
  8. Tania997

    What 'Type' of OS do you use?

    I heard a lot of positive things about Ubuntu and dual booting. What makes you say it's so much better than windows? I'm just curious about it. Except being able to quickly change the settings, what else is there?
  9. Tania997

    New Elder Scrolls game?

    I'll wait 10 years or more(well, maybe not that much) if they bring another masterpiece. I love playing that game during winter too, the atmosphere just gets to me. I just don't know how will this online elder scrolls play out, I usually don't like the mmorpg concept.
  10. Tania997

    I am enjoying the community a lot, thank you! And no, I'm from Italy :)

    I am enjoying the community a lot, thank you! And no, I'm from Italy :)
  11. Tania997


    That would be amazing, but I heard that it would be impossible to put that in because of something hardware related. They also would lose a lot of money on remasters, considering how much the current Gen relies on those. I don't really like this thing, but if the remaster is an improvement over...
  12. Tania997

    Your favorite souls game

    Yeah you're right. I got that mixed up. I was thinking about the arena or the duels where everybody bows and there is a honor thing. During invasions it's normal to heal, it's during those that it doesn't really make sense for me.
  13. Tania997

    How to get initiated to Games developement ?

    Great ideas. Too many aspiring developers start to work on project bigger than themselves, they try to use languages in ways they shouldn't, and start working on a lot of features at once so they lose sight of the bigger picture. The exact opposite of what you said. Why did you fail to keep up...
  14. Tania997

    New Elder Scrolls game?

    Skyrim is and will always be a great game, even if they are milking it so much by releasing edition after edition. Anyway, I agree with you. Expanding an MMORPG is much easier than doing that on a single player game, but I would have liked another Elder Scrolls game, not an online edition. I...
  15. Tania997

    Your favorite souls game

    Invasion was one of the few things I disliked in that game.. People would just invade without penalty, lag sometimes made backstabs happen in a lot of strange ways, and even if it's in the game mechanics I never really liked people who used estus flask during a duel.
  16. Tania997

    PS4 What are your thought on the PS4 Pro?

    You need a lot of money for the console and a decent 4K TV. Sony said they will never release games for the pro only, as it's a mid gen release and it wouldn't make sense. Also, a lot of people are still on their ps4 and that would alienate and piss off too many fans. It can happen only if 90%...
  17. Tania997

    Are there any Borderlands 2 fans out there?

    I own both games too and they were good, but so boring when playing solo.. This is one of those games where you need someone to play with you, I honestly feel they should have been honest and told us co-op was the main focus of the game.. I played Borderlands 2 and believe me, it's the same...
  18. Tania997


    Wow, that's a really good concept art! The controller looks a little weird with those lights, but the console itself is not bad at all. I don't know about going more digital, because there are people who will always prefer disks on their console and since there are a lot of people like that...
  19. Tania997

    We love Gran Turismo!!!

    It was the same for me man. I used to love the customization and everything that came with it, but when that became the main focus of the game and everything was abandoned you felt like you were in an empty world, racing in a boring way with a fancy car.. Looked like pimp my ride more than Gran...
  20. Tania997

    Do you dream about your game?

    That never happened to me, sounds like a strange experience. I like games and gaming a lot, but it never happened.