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  1. lexcion

    Do you still Play Minecraft

    Minecraft isn't what it used to be especially when they sold the rights to Microsoft. The entire original development team left the project so the updates aren't the same but its still a great game by all means. However the player base consists of way too many 12 year olds so I find single...
  2. lexcion

    Team Fortress 3 ever happening?

    Valve is pretty known for not making games that end with 3. Even if they did, Team Fortress 2 is still a fairly healthy game with a decent player base even though its gone downhill lately. If they were to make a third Team Fortress than players that still play 2 would just move to the third game...
  3. lexcion

    Laptops or Desktops for gaming?

    Well obviously desktops are much better for gaming than laptops. Laptops are mainly for portability and ease of access with gaming being more of a secondary purpose. The downside of a desktop is that you can't move it at all so if you're travelling somewhere you can't bring your entire PC and...
  4. lexcion

    Multiple Screen

    Any monitors of the same size should generally be fine to use for a multiple monitor display. I use two monitors for my setup and all I had to do was connect them and change the display settings.
  5. lexcion

    Will PC Gaming Overtake Consoles

    Consoles will always have a significant fan-base but PC gaming is where the real fun is at. It probably won't take over though since most people wouldn't want to build their own PC or want to download games off Steam when they can just buy a hard copy from GameStop or something.
  6. lexcion

    Where do you purchase your hardware?

    Physical stores like Best Buy are always overpriced and don't have good enough hardware for me. I usually go on PCPartpicker and just look for which part is cheapest. Most of the time though I just use Amazon since I have the prime 2-day shipping.
  7. lexcion

    Wired or wireless controller?

    I was never a fan of wireless controllers since they always ran out of battery for me and looking for them was a chore. With wired ones the wire rarely gets in the way at all and I never have to add batteries (which cost money by the way).
  8. lexcion

    How many hours do you play a day?

    I used to play a lot when I was younger but nowadays I have a lot of work which gets in the way. I find myself playing only on the weekends and maybe a little in the weekdays if there is time. On the weekend I probably pump in 8-12 hours total while maybe a quick 15 minute game of Overwatch on...
  9. lexcion

    What's your favorite MOBA?

    League is definitely the most popular and probably my favorite out of all the MOBAs. Playing Dota 2 or HoTS didn't really have the same feel or passion the League had with me. I put in a lot of hours into League and believe me I tried to play other MOBA's but they just didn't stick to me.
  10. lexcion

    Oblivion vs Skyrim

    Skyrim is probably more beginner friendly than Oblivion. If you already played Skyrim than Oblivion would be a great game to play next if you ignore the hideous graphics.
  11. lexcion

    Do you spend money on gaming gear?

    I don't spend too much money on gaming accessories, just enough to be able to play, so I have a $60 mechanical keyboard and a $20 headset and mouse which is all I need. I don't really get the appeal of the "elite" gaming gear since its basically the same as regular accessories to me.
  12. lexcion

    Favourite Video Game Series?

    Bioshock was just a beautiful game series. Each game had a great story and the eerie feeling of the environment. Its sad that the series ended, but it was great how everything was tied together. I also love Pokemon just for that nostalgic feeling of when I was a kid.
  13. lexcion

    Can a Youtuber Affect Game Sales?

    Popular Youtubers will almost always affect game sales positively, unless they really don't like the game and are negative about it. If you've seen popular Youtubers like Markiplier/Pewdiepie they give a lot of popularity to unknown games that cause their viewers want to play it, having them go...
  14. lexcion

    Whats your Favourite Type of Game?

    I love open world games like Skyrim and Assassin's Creed: Black Flag. Exploring things is just really exciting and the feeling of discovering something is a feeling that can't be matched for me. I also like games with good stories like the Bioshock Series since its kind of like watching a movie...
  15. lexcion

    What is your favorite free-to-play game?

    Team Fortress 2 is absolute my favorite of all the free to play games. Its just has a really fun environment and the community is great. League of Legends is also pretty good and I've invested a lot of time into it without spending a penny.
  16. lexcion

    Favorite ranked role?

    I love playing jungle because I don't like laning against someone. I'm actually very good at laning but I just don't like the pressure of trying to outperform an opponent, and its just relaxing to slay a bunch of camps with minimal threat. I main Hecarim and Olaf in the jungle which is basically...
  17. lexcion

    Xayah and Rakan

    I don't really like the idea of 2 champions that are slightly stronger together, and they should've just made it so that they have major buffs when played with each other. Doing that would make the concept a bit better in my opinion. Who knows though since I haven't been able to try the...
  18. lexcion

    Which division and tier do you currently belong?

    Right now im Plat V but I peaked at Diamond IV playing only Wukong. I could definitely reach higher but I don't want to invest the time to play League all day since its more of a grind than actually having fun. I feel like I only have a potential to win about 20% of my games, and the other 80%...
  19. lexcion

    Who's your favorite pro player?

    I really enjoy imaqtpie stream on twitch, he just has a really chill personality and his good vibes really rub off onto me. I guess he's not a pro player anymore but he's a retired one so he counts in my book. I also like watching faker (like everyone else) just to awe in his skill.
  20. lexcion

    Favorite Skin?

    All time favorite for me is hands down Muay Thai Lee Sin. The animations are just so smooth and I love those sexy kicks that Lee does. Personally no other skin can compare for the quality to price ratio since its only 975 rp. My second favorite would probably be Spirit Guard Udyr since its...