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    Funny Pic

    I've seen this picture before I thought the dirty way ;)
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    hello all

    Welcome to the site Bruce !
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    How to ban any xbox account

    Great tutorial !
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    1,100 Posts

    Congratulations ! :D
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    Share your Youtube Gaming Channel

    Mine's Chris Smoove ;)
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    I did?

    I did?
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    How many consoles do you own?

    I have 2 now. Xbox 360 & Nintendo Wii (Haven't played that in like 3 years)
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    Is there a genre that you miss

    I miss Flight Simulators, that was so fun!
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    Favourite Minigame?

    Mine's definitely "Happy Wheels".
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    Adventure Games

    On occasions I'll play Adventure Games. Not all the time though because I prefer Sports or Shooting Games.
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    How often do you play?

    Well I'll play for long periods of time during the weekends because those are really the only times where I have free time because I have school & basketball during the week.
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    I'm a Moderator! I also want to Congratulate Zane :)

    I'm a Moderator! I also want to Congratulate Zane :)
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    xBox 760

    It suppose to come out this year from what I've heard.
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    Favorite Game?

    I think NBA 2K13.
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    Super bowl

    I wanted the 49ers to win. I was very disappointed with the outcome of the game, there should of definitely been a holding call in the last minute.
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    Hosting Custom Game XP

    Hey man, you still hosting, I'd be more than glad to get into one of these?
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    How long

    I've never been so good at it but I've been sucking at it for about 2 years.
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    Mybb 1.8 Live Demo

    I don't see what changed?
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    I'm back everyone!

    I'm sorry for my like 2 weeks of inactivity. I just had a lot of things I needed to focus on, I needed to maintain good grades to stay on the basketball team, in which I did, so I'm going to start being active again, I'll start doing my job and I'll post news. Sorry everybody!
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    Nintendo store

    This place looks so cool, I would go here for old Nintendo games!