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  1. kgord

    How did you start playing games?

    I am not really sure when I started gaming. I just started when I became aware of it I guess. I can't point to an exact place and time when I first started. It just seemed like a fun thing to do.
  2. kgord

    Any tips or tricks to keep a clan well integrated?

    I have never been a clan leader, but as in most situations communication is key. I don't,t think there is any exception with clan membership.
  3. kgord

    Why do you actually enjoy gaming?

    Gaming is a fun distraction. I t can take your mind off any kind of stressful situation. You can lose yourself in another world when you game.
  4. kgord

    Qualities To Be A Great Clan Leader?

    I just sent a request to join a clan last night. I Have been playing Vikings Clash of Clans, and it is a good game. I am wondering what it will be like to be in a clan since it will be a new experience for me. I hope that someone who is a clan leader can help me get my feet wet in the...
  5. kgord

    Your Thoughts On The Rise Of Facebook Games?

    I will admit some of them are good time wasters, but isn't that true for all gaming to an extent? I mean it is OK to give yourself a break and play some of these games if you have the time to spare. We aren't machines, and casual gaming like there is on Facebook can give you the sort of break...
  6. kgord

    Your Thoughts On The Rise Of Facebook Games?

    I agree they are perfect for casual gamers. Those who want to get more involved can as well so I think they do serve a purpose for others. Many people like and play these games on a regular basis and make them part of their gaming ritual. I know many people who play on a regular basis.
  7. kgord

    Your Thoughts On The Rise Of Facebook Games?

    You are right they do tend to rise and fall come and go depending on how many are playing the interest, and the revenue they provide. It just varies with the terrain. Many people do tend to get rather upset when their game goes away for no apparent reason. It is just one of the things that happens.
  8. kgord

    Your Thoughts On The Rise Of Facebook Games?

    I know it is, I just ignore them. It doesn't really bother me that much. It is just one of the things that can be a bit annoying about facebook gaming and playing them. I just think it is a type of problem that many people experience.
  9. kgord

    Your Thoughts On The Rise Of Facebook Games?

    Yes, they were smart to do that, however, when you get repeated requests to play certain facebook games it can get annoying. Thank God I am no longer getting Candy Crush Soda Pop or whatever it is from my friends. I have no interest in playing that game. Sometimes these requests go out...
  10. kgord

    Your Thoughts On The Rise Of Facebook Games?

    I think that so many people are on Facebook that it just made sense for them to put games on there and monetize them. If there weren't games on FB, they would be missing a huge market and I am sure they know that. Most of these games are powered by Zynga, and I am not sure what their actual...
  11. kgord

    Laptops or Desktops for gaming?

    Yes, there are quite a few I play on Kindle at least occassionally. Most are object finding games, but I have Vikings War of Clans on there, and Texas Hold em Poker,Candy Crush, Bowling as well as a few others. I don't play any of them everyday. It is convenient to game on the Kindle. I also...
  12. kgord

    Are There Good Games For Linux?

    I don't know anything about Linux. I like Chrome as a good fast browser and it is one that I use often. I just think that I would never try to game on Linux because I don't really understand the browser or how it works. I might try to get into sometime though. Most who have used it seem to like it.
  13. kgord

    Laptops or Desktops for gaming?

    I never use a desktop so my only experience now is with a laptop. I have used a desktop to game in the past, and it doesn't really make any difference to me as to whether I am using a desktop or a laptop. I am not playing any games that would make a big difference whether I did it on a desktop...
  14. kgord

    Any tips or tricks to keep a clan well integrated?

    I am not in a clan currently, but a friend of mine used to play Mafia Wars and he bonded with all of the people in his group. It really gave him something to do, and a group of people to talk to and hang out with after playing the game so it was very positive experience. I may look to get in a...
  15. kgord

    The Oldest Pc Game You've Ever Played?

    Wow, that is going back in the way back machine. We had some very old DOS games like lemmings..that was actually on a disk, solitaire..and minecraft. Lots of them are very old and no longer in style anymore or around in any format solitaire will always be there though.
  16. kgord

    What languages do you know?

    I don't know any coding languages but my son makes his living as a coder and I imagine he knows several. He certainly reads HTML and has mastered that one I think. He is pretty good at translating code.
  17. kgord

    Swiss system

    I have never heard of the Swiss system. I am learning about this for the first time. I think it sounds like something that has been used successfully for a number of years. It is just one of the things that we need to know about in today's world. It is just one of the options that seems to work...
  18. kgord

    Is PC/Online gaming the wave of the future?

    I bet sooner or later you will find consoles in the marked down bins at the electronics stores. I just think that will be something that might happen for better or worse. I give them a certain amount of time before they are there or on ebay or craigslist or something.
  19. kgord

    Is PC/Online gaming the wave of the future?

    I wouldn't buy an expensive gaming laptop to do it though. You can really sink a lot of money into those things. I think that just a good basic laptop with perhiperals you can add on my work just as well in some respects as a gaming laptop. It just depends on the experience you want though I think.
  20. kgord

    Is Jimmy hanging from a yacht in GTA V an homage to Sweet hanging from a firetruck in GTA: SA?

    I don't know. It seems like it is time for new blood in the game. People will play the game and move on otherwise. I think that the game is far over due to be remastered. It is just a fun game that could use some new converts.