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  1. PenguinManiac

    PC versus console Hardware comparison

    I'll go with PC, but my reasoning is probably the opposite of what has been claimed so far. You can make the most out of a PC version thanks to the obvious hardware advantage, but the opposite stands equally true: if your machine isn't all that powerful, you can tweak settings or even download...
  2. PenguinManiac

    How often do you preorder games?

    Rarely if ever. I usually refrain from pre-ordering, unless it's a limited edition or it has some very good preorder bonus, since there are not many games out there I feel the impelling need to play on day one. If I do, though, and if it doesn't come with extra fees, I'll preorder it for the...
  3. PenguinManiac

    What Console You Own Are You Surprised Is Still Working?

    So the price is not the only thing PSP memory cards are infamous for, huh? Sony tried to make a point to have their own proprietary cards, so you'd expect a better performance of them. How disappointing.
  4. PenguinManiac

    Sonic Mania

    Yeah, it feels excessive to try to squeeze even more money out of the classic Sonic games. Still, this only feels like a treat in anticipation of Sonic Forces, which would definitely be a great game if it ends up being even half as good as Generations (which...is also a remake, ironically)...
  5. PenguinManiac

    What Console You Own Are You Surprised Is Still Working?

    Time can really put consoles on trial, especially handheld ones, which are the most subject to wear, but home ones can also stop working out of the blue (as for the infamous Red Ring of Death). Is there any console you have you're suprised is still working? Mine has to be my Nintendo DS. I...
  6. PenguinManiac

    Games For The Aged

    Just go with puzzle or card games, they're more likely to try it out if they're already familiar with the mechanics. Keep in mind that most elders despise technology because it feels like sorcery to them, since it's so different from their everyday life, so make them try things that might feel...
  7. PenguinManiac

    Your Thoughts On The Rise Of Facebook Games?

    They're not my type, unfortunately (...or not). First of all, they lack diversity to me, and they're mostly meant to be time wasters with little to no depth to them. I used to play them time ago, but I've realized there are way better games to play out there. To each their own, though, I guess.
  8. PenguinManiac

    Which System Did You Start With?

    It was the NES for me as well. Super Mario Bros. and Mega Man 2 were all I played back then, although I enjoyed a Duck Hunt match or two with my brother once in a while (it was mind-blowing for us to be able to play with actual guns without having to go to arcades, really). I'm glad I started...
  9. PenguinManiac

    Who Is Your Main On Smash Bros?

    Title. If you have played several Smash games, just name all of your mains (as in, character you play the most as/know how to use better) and even secondaries. Back in the days, I used to main Kirby on Brawl, but once I moved to 3DS/Wii U I started to play as different characters, and ultimately...
  10. PenguinManiac

    Ps4 Or Xbox One?

    PS4. Its exclusive are way more appealing to me than Xbox One's (I mean, just look at Bloodborne), as they tend to receive more support from Japanese developers. Microsoft seems to be pushing for western software houses, instead, but they haven't handled them as well as Sony (Scalebound, I'm...
  11. PenguinManiac

    Are You Losing Interest Too?

    No, I don't think I've ever experienced something similar. Burnt-out from long gaming sessions, yes, but I've lost interest in gaming in general. As suggested, it may be that you haven't found a truly engaging game in a while, and unfortunately some recent AAA titles do lack the passion that...
  12. PenguinManiac

    Favourite Nintendo Ip?

    Although haters like to claim otherwise, Nintendo has loads of IPs up its sleeve, and many of them are timeless masterpieces with years of history and evolution. What is your favourite one? My choice has to go to Zelda. It was (and it is) such a revolutionary IP I find it hard to imagine what...
  13. PenguinManiac

    Game add ons

    If you count DLCs in, then yes, I'm a bit ashamed to admit I have. I only bought a couple for the Fire Emblem games on 3DS, since they were story-focused maps, but I didn't spend more than 5$ on either. As for expansions, I always resisted the temptation. I remember hearing about The Sims'...
  14. PenguinManiac

    144hz Monitor

    There's that to consider, too. I'm personally having a hard time imaging games that might benefit from 144+ FPS, since people most likely get good GPUs to play hardware-demanding games, and there's no way they'll achieve that kind of performance there. Still, some people might need it, just...
  15. PenguinManiac

    Start disliking a game

    I rarely get burned-out by playing games, since I tend to find new ones to play pretty quickly, but it did happen. When I was a kid, I used to play Rayman 2 on my PSX a lot, and I obsessed over collecting every single Lum. The thing is... it wasn't easy at all. It took me a lot of time to access...
  16. PenguinManiac

    Get Paid to Play Mobile Games

    Sounds interesting. I knew of similar websites that paid to download games and/or leave reviews, but being payed to play, even if they're just a few cents, sounds amazing. I'm a little concerned about legitimacy, obviously, especially if it takes time to cash out. A lot of companies try to scam...
  17. PenguinManiac

    What game got you into PC gaming world?

    The one that got me started and sucked me in was Skyrim. It was one of the very first games I bought, I believe, together with Fallout 3, and it's the game that convinced me that PC gaming was straight up amazing. I kept hearing about it everywhere and I wanted to find out what the whole buzz...
  18. PenguinManiac

    144hz Monitor

    Listen to him. 144 Hz is an odd refresh rate for gaming and, honestly, it's hard to even tell the difference with 120 Hz. I mean, anything beyond 60 FPS isn't really seeked for graphics purposes, but rather to enhance the game's responsiveness to inputs (we're talking about very minor...
  19. PenguinManiac

    Movies into Games

    Exactly. Plus, long range weapons are much more common in the Batman games, so you can mix and match them with melee weapons to create a unique battle style. That's something that I've failed to notice in my (admittedly short) experience with Assassin's Creed. Plus... I find Batman's universe to...
  20. PenguinManiac

    If you were stuck on an island and only could have one game, what would it be?

    That's a tough choice indeed. I'm afraid that I'd grow tired of playing the same game over and over again, and I don't want to risk hating my favourite games. I'd go with games with high replayability and high skill ceiling, so that I can improve while still facing new challenges every day...