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  1. Inqogn1to

    Hello Everyone, It's Larry here

    Hi man, that's some interesting facts for sure. Welcome to Gamerebels!
  2. Inqogn1to

    hi there

    Nice to meet you Thomas. Welcome.
  3. Inqogn1to

    Hey to you all!

    Hi jackie, glad you found your way over here. Welcome to Gamerebels.
  4. Inqogn1to

    First game you bought?

    (Gameboy color) talk about nostalgia huh :), just the name brings back awesome memories. Had to google the image of course for icing on the cake. Wow!
  5. Inqogn1to

    First game you bought?

    I remember the 64bit era all to well, what a great time that was to be alive lol :D.
  6. Inqogn1to

    First game you bought?

    Ooh Resident evil 4 and Crash bandicoot <3
  7. Inqogn1to

    First game you bought?

    Remember the first game that you bought with your own money?
  8. Inqogn1to

    How often do you upgrade your PC?

    I would say that I do some kind of modification on my computer atleast once a year. Whether it be peripherals or certain hardware parts. Next upgrade im doing soon will be a serious long lasting one though so I might not have to upgrade anything for a few years.
  9. Inqogn1to

    How desperate are you for gaming?

    I would say that I am desperate to game in certain periods. At the moment I am not gaming as much as I did a couple of weeks ago for example. At that time I was averaging about 5 to 8 hours a day in my favorite game.
  10. Inqogn1to

    Hello Gamers

    Hi there, and welcome to GameRebels augusta.
  11. Inqogn1to

    How quickly do you go through headsets?

    Mine usually lasts for a very long time, because I'm doing a good research before buying. But that's only because I learned the hard way having so many break even almost before I started using them lol.
  12. Inqogn1to

    What do you ...

    Optimal game mechanics, good graphics, and most importantly great multiplayer optimization.
  13. Inqogn1to

    How many consoles do you own?

    I own a computer (my main gaming platform). I own a Playstation 4 altough i'ts broken atm :(.
  14. Inqogn1to

    Is there anyone waiting for Call of Duty : World War II ?

    Alright so I just watched the trailer and must say it looks pretty great. They seem to have improved graphics wise also, and WW games are something I appreciate and enjoy in general. Better late then never I guess, I might just have to try this out :) before jumping for joy though. To get a feel...
  15. Inqogn1to

    Is there anyone waiting for Call of Duty : World War II ?

    Oh nope I have not seen it yet, I'll check it out though. Lets just hope the trailer will live up to what it portrays then I guess.
  16. Inqogn1to

    Is there anyone waiting for Call of Duty : World War II ?

    I have not played COD as of late at all. I was playing frequently from COD 2,4 and some of the newer releases of modern warfare but after that the COD series went down hill (in my opinion). If they manage to pull of a good WW2 game I would become interested again.
  17. Inqogn1to

    Hello from an oldie but a goodie!

    Hi there and welcome to the forum. I believe you will enjoy your stay here and maybe even learn a lot by engaging in the many different topics here on GameRebels. See you around. / Inqogn1to.
  18. Inqogn1to

    iPhone vs Android

    I've only owned one Iphone and 5 Androids, and I can say Android would need to be greatly nerfed for Iphone to compete. But that's just my 3 cents.
  19. Inqogn1to

    Hi People.

    Nice to meet you man. Welcome to the Game Rebels forum.
  20. Inqogn1to

    144hz Monitor

    Ok I'm currently in the process of upgrading my computer, with the new hardware I'm going to be able to utilize that. 120hz you say huh, I guess I'll look in to the price difference between the two to get a better idea. Thank's man.