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  1. cros1625

    Hello People of GameRebels

  2. cros1625

    Sah dude

    This thread hurts me. Welcome to Game Rebels :P
  3. cros1625


    Blazy from Beam o.O Welcome to Game Rebels!
  4. cros1625

    Do you wait for discounts?

    I try to limit myself to a couple full price ($60) games a year and those are for PS. On PC I usually only by if it's marked down or use a site like g2a.
  5. cros1625

    What is your favorite free-to-play game?

    All about that Warface action. Yeah the game can be jank at times, but it's fun to get in, kill some peeps, and get out.
  6. cros1625

    How do you buy your games?

    PC = digital. Console = physical. I use to buy / sell PlayStation games, so with physical I could do that. I don't so much anymore tho. Plus it use to be hard copies didn't take up as much space as digital on PS, but with the PS4 it seems even with the disk, you have to install / update and...
  7. cros1625

    Last thing you ate & drank

    Chicken quesadilla and mt dew from Taco Bell... I feel ashamed. lol
  8. cros1625

    Last Meal

    Throw is some strawberry shakes and some cheese cake and I'll be set.
  9. cros1625

    What are your predictions from E3 this year?

    To be honest, I'm in the same boat as you. I use to be so hyped for E3 and followed the gaming industry in a whole a lot. This year feels so blah.. I totally forgot E3 was even this month. I can't think of anything I'm hyped to see. There are some games I want to see more of that they showed...
  10. cros1625


    Can't be worse than Warmode :mappa
  11. cros1625


    Yo, I'm gonna check this out. I'm all for jank games xD
  12. cros1625

    A wild crosodile appears

    Hi peeps! The name's cros (pronounced "cross"), I'm a 25 y/o male in WA state in the US of A. I am a steamer over on Beam.pro. I use to make videos for YouTube frequently, but have devoted the majority of my time to my streams as of lately, and just posting highlights to YouTube. I found this...
  13. cros1625

    Streaming on Beam.pro/cros1625 - Tweeting at Twitter.com/cros1625

    Streaming on Beam.pro/cros1625 - Tweeting at Twitter.com/cros1625