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  1. Jeric

    Do you prefer to run a clan or be in one?

    Hi, I would enjoy being a clan leader, however, I do not have the time, sometimes I can only get online a few times a week for a couple of hours, some weeks I don't even get online. so I will just stay as a member. The other thing is I never ask to be in a clan, since I know I can not always be...
  2. Jeric

    Have you ever been in a clan with people from different countries?

    Hi, Everyone! I have been clans that had lots of people from around the world. The clan I am in now as two of us from the U.S we are friends in irl. the other's are from Brazil and Austrailia. so it makes it hard to do group stuff with each other because of the difference in time zones. the...
  3. Jeric

    Xbox One or Play Station 4?

    Thanks, Soulwatcher this are very good questions, half my friends have one system or the other so that not too much of a decision. I never thought about the 4k so Now i iwll have to decided that, in in reality with new tech comming out eventaully most people end up getting it. Well, these are...
  4. Jeric

    Xbox One or Play Station 4?

    Hi, Thanks for the information, I never even considered how many games were being released for the two systems. It be sweet if they made the games to work on all the systems, :)
  5. Jeric

    Xbox One or Play Station 4?

    Hi Everyone, I been a big fan of the Xbox systems, however, I have been hearing some bad reports about the Xbox one, So I was wondering if you owned or played one and what you think of it, Do yo think The Xbox one is worth getting? Or would it be better to get the PS4?
  6. Jeric

    Desktop or Laptop, which one is better for games?

    I think PC is the better way to go, they have more advantages than a laptop does for gaming, You can upgrade them as you need to to get to play newer games, you can also use them for anything you can a laptop for programs and such. Also if one thing goes out on your PC it is easier to fix the...
  7. Jeric

    Wired or wireless controller?

    I love my wireless controllers and keyboards, I think it is so much easier then having the cords, however at first it took me awhile to remember not to take the controller or mouse with me, I would set them down then forget where i put them. As for the batteries i use rechargeable once, I have...
  8. Jeric

    While gaming on your PC, do you prefer your Computer Keyboard or using a Usb Game Pad

    I really think it depends on the type of game also, for shooting games and racing games I think the game pad or controller is best to use. For games like Warcraft, Starcraft and building games like Pharaoh it is easy to use the keyboard. for most point and click type games I think the mouse is...
  9. Jeric

    Do you bet on games?

    You are right it does change the game. In Fall out Las vegas once i got to the casino's i played black jack until I got enough money to by the better weapons that I could and enough ammo to last me through most of the game. I think it was cheating and kinda took some of the game experience away. :)
  10. Jeric

    How does gaming affect your personal life?

    I agree that games can help with socializing and they have helped in in the aspect in my life also, for I am happy being alone most of the time, however sometimes I like to chat with people but not really stay friends with them or hang out in R/l so I think online games are great for that, I...
  11. Jeric

    RAGE or RAGE QUIT: Have you done this?

    Hi, I use to have really bad rage when it came to video games, I once was playing this online game that was PVP and as you left the city some of the other player's that were like level 30+ would sit there and AOE the whole area to kill you I got so mad that I cussed out a GM when I asked him to...
  12. Jeric

    Before you purchase a game...

    Hey, everyone, I try to play the game at a friends house if possible, if not then I like to rent the game for a day or two. I use to rent a game at this mom and pop game store and play it for a few days if I liked the game I would buy it from them, they place would take the rental price of off...
  13. Jeric

    Last Game Played?

    I am at the moment playing Jade Dynasty for online games, and I am playing Warcraft 3 frozen throne, for my computer game. Once I get my Xbox up and running I am going to be playing the Mass Effect games.
  14. Jeric

    What game or games are you waiting to be released?

    Hi Everyone, I was just wondering what games everyone is waiting to be released in the up coming year or years. I am waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 to be released, it was supposed to be released a few years ago but they changed the realised date to 2019> However, I think that this is a good, it...
  15. Jeric

    Do you bet on games?

    I have played slot games in casino's which they are a type of video game nowadays if you want to count that") I never bet real money on a video game, however, I have bet in game gold on games, like I bet 1,000 gold I reach the next level then one of my friends. some times I win most of the time...
  16. Jeric

    Do you dream about your game?

    I have never dreamed of a video game that I played even for several hours, I have closed my eyes and seen the screen etc, but that only lasts a few minutes if that, once asleep I dream other stuff. However, when I was younger and did table top RPG's, I use to dream of my character and or dream...
  17. Jeric

    How many hours do you play in a row?

    I normally play about 2 hours before I stop for a few minutes to take a break, but when I do get online to play I will play 8 to 12 hours, and I will play for about 3 days then take a break for a few days to a week depending on how much time I have. The main game I play online is called Jade...
  18. Jeric

    Your first online game?

    My first online game was Diablo, back in the 90's. we use to use this cheat where you take your character out of the game and moved him to another game and it would double up the gold you had in your bag, we would do this several times and make a lot of gold, then when players asked us how we...
  19. Jeric

    If you created an MMO, what would it be like?

    Hi, I agree with the grinding it gets boring sometimes, so I would add a bot system where you can auto-grind (like Jade Dynasty) I would also keep the hitpoints of the character lower and the amount of damage done. It seems like game gives your character 1,000's of hit points and you do damage...
  20. Jeric

    The Oldest Pc Game You've Ever Played?

    Hi, the first game I played what I can remember there was one around the same time but don't remember the name and I'm not sure if that was the first game or the second, but I do remember it was the same day. So I will put the one I do remember, this was before windows were out and we had to...