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  1. Pixie06

    First PC?

    I can't even remember the brand name of my first PC. All that I can remember is that it was a Pentium 3 PC. It was very slow and was taking so much time to process. I couldn't even play any games properly on this PC as it was always freezing. I mostly play games on my PS3 now. However, I do play...
  2. Pixie06

    the Sims

    I haven't played the Sims for a very long time. I have to admit that this was a very good game and I was quite addicted to this game. At a certain point in time, I even started using cheat codes. lol. I haven't played any of the new Sims games and can't really comment on this. This post of yours...
  3. Pixie06

    Name your gaming username

    I have been using the username Elektra in most of my games. Ever since I watched the movie Elektra I fell in love with this character. She is someone who is strong and is good in martial arts and weaponry.
  4. Pixie06

    Starting up game store

    My cousin buys new games very regularly. At a certain point, he had too many games and he didn't have enough space to keep all these games. He then decided to start selling some of his games. He then created a Facebook page through which he started selling the games and is still doing so. He is...
  5. Pixie06

    Smashed your game pad playing?

    I have to admit that at that times I do get furious when I can't achieve my goals. It is very disappointing when you have been playing a game for a couple of days and then when you are about to finish the game you just die. I have never smashed my consoles but I have thrown them away violently...
  6. Pixie06

    Pre-Order vs Rental?

    Unfortunately, renting is no longer popular where I live. Before buying a particular game, I usually read the reviews and ask my friends for their recommendations. I don't usually pre-order games as I had some bad experience in the past. Most of the times I wait for the game to be on the market...
  7. Pixie06


    I used to play those Miniclip games when I was still at school. At that time I had no PlayStation and it was quite fun to play those games. However, it's now been ages since I played a flash game. I prefer to play games on my PlayStation and computer. Those flash games are good for time pass. My...
  8. Pixie06

    Are Games Getting Boring to talk about?

    Like I said many times before gaming is my hobby. I don't mind going through the other forums where the only thing being discussed is gaming. I have learned so many things from those forums. There are members of a specific gaming forum who are really helpful. Whenever I have some difficulty...
  9. Pixie06

    Addicting Games

    I love playing car racing and fighting games. My favourite games are Need for Speed and Tekken. I grew up playing those games and they are still the best for me. I try the best to play my favourite games every day.
  10. Pixie06

    Do you invest real money on playing games

    I have never invested that much but I do make some purchase every now and then for some upgrades. It is not just about competing with others. It is about achieving my own goals. Gaming is my hobby. I can spend a whole day playing some games without getting bored. Sometimes those upgrades make...
  11. Pixie06

    What are the games installed in your phone at present?

    I have games like Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, Criminal Case, Asphalt8 and Four Pics One word on my phone. Those are my favourite games and I really enjoy playing them. The problems with those games are that they tend to slow down your phone and drain your battery.
  12. Pixie06

    Games that boost Intelligence

    I love playing memory and puzzle games. However, I don't really play those games on my computer but my phone. I have downloaded many good games from the Playstore. I love playing games like Unblock Me, Four Pics One Word, Criminal Case, Candy Crush. Those games can definitely help to improve...
  13. Pixie06

    Your Favorite 80s or Early 90s PC Game

    My favourite games at that time were Super Mario, Warcraft, Civilization and so forth. I was addicted to those games and could play for hours. Ever since I got my first PlayStation I stopped playing computer games.
  14. Pixie06

    Renting Games vs Buying

    To be honest, I don't really rent games. I usually buy a game only after having read the reviews and my friends' recommendations. I have kept all my games safely. Sometimes, I borrow games from my friends. If I happen to buy a game which I don't really like then I sell it.
  15. Pixie06

    Do cheat guides make games too boring?

    Of course, they do. I don't like to use cheats while playing. I like to reach my goals by using my own strategies and skills. Actually, gaming helps you to develop a wide range of skills. Some games can help you to develop your problem solving, critical thinking and time management skills. If...
  16. Pixie06


    I was not really aware of GoG. I will definity check it out. I want to see how it works. Will I be able to update any old games over there?
  17. Pixie06

    How many consoles do you own?

    My first console was the PlayStation 1. When I passed my exams my dad gifted me a PlayStation 2. This is definitely the best console. I now have a PlayStation 3 but I still play games on my PS2.
  18. Pixie06

    Gaming is Childish

    That's not true. My grandma enjoys playing Candy Crush. Games is a form of relaxation. Nowadays there are games designed for all ages. My uncle is 54 and he still plays PlayStation games with my cousin.
  19. Pixie06

    Gaming Rarely

    I am addicted to some games and to be honest I play on a daily basis. Since I work during weekdays I play for only 2 hours on those days. However during weekends I usually play for 6 hours or more. To answer your question it is my job which actually prevents me from gaming as I used to.
  20. Pixie06

    Why buy new when used is available?

    I do not always buy new games. Most of the times I wait for the sales to buy the games. I also buy second hand games from my friends every now and then. Some new games can be really expensive to buy.