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  1. Miles

    Worse at HOI4 and contributes to losing a 1 v 4 in PUBG.

    Worse at HOI4 and contributes to losing a 1 v 4 in PUBG.
  2. Miles

    Roblox Section

    If Roblox gets a section and HOI4, Rainbow 6 and Stellaris don't I will actually kms.
  3. Miles

    Hello Everyone

    @Matt6868 You're now the second best Matt in the community As for our man Matt C, welcome to Game Rebels! If you have any questions feel free to ask me through PM. Otherwise enjoy your time here!
  4. Miles

    Game Shop V2

    Congrats! As one of the investors of the shop I wish you the best of luck! In all seriousness, it's awesome to see something hyped up for so long go up. I hope the shop continues to develop over the year and we truly see GR grow!!
  5. Miles

    Skrrrrrrrrrrat - Boom!

    Congrats! It's a challenge coming out, especially in an online gaming community. I wish you the best of luck!
  6. Miles

    Are You Hyped For Battlefront 2?

    I'm very excited, even though EA is publishing it, I'm confident DICE knows the mistakes of the last game and can take the next step in creating the SW game we deserve. I won't pre-order this time, but I'm already thinking about killing the Separatist scum as a Clone.
  7. Miles

    Rainbow Six Siege & Operation Health

    Your memes are not welcome here, though I agree :P
  8. Miles

    Anyone Enjoying The New Expanison For Path Of Exile

    Is this a game worth getting? I've seen you play it a few times and I'm wondering if it's something that can be learned quickly and easily.
  9. Miles

    Rainbow Six Siege & Operation Health

    The past few months have seen R6S in a "fixing" break from new content. Instead of the tri-monthly content update that includes a new map and two new operators Ubisoft decided to fix current problems in the game. Some praised them for doing this while others were upset with the loss of the...
  10. Miles

    Free Steam Games

    Free games are cool because they're free. ^That's why I want free games <3
  11. Miles

    Free Steam Games

    Better not be a card game.
  12. Miles

    Global Staff List

    Say no more.
  13. Miles

    Global Staff List

  14. Miles

    Are you with or against paying real-world money for virtual items in games ?

    There's a lot of games that put their players in an interesting situation. Many games offer the ability to buy cosmetics with real money and to me that's how it should be. However, lately I've noticed a drastic increase in which games and publishers sell you items that give you an edge in the...
  15. Miles

    Any good?

    If you liked KOTOR I'm confident (no guarantees) that you'll like SWTOR. The mechanics are similar and the game itself is a blast to play. If you can find it on sale I highly suggest you buy it.
  16. Miles

    HOI4 & Stellaris Forum Section

    Despite the overwhelming support for both entertainment programs Paradox games have yet to see an official forum section. This is blaspheme, outrageous and outright criminal. Personally, I cannot believe the insolence in this community and the treatment of independent players and their games...
  17. Miles

    Global Staff List

    Global Staff List updated as of 7/28/2017. If I messed up on anything send me a message and I'll promptly kms. Otherwise have a good day.
  18. Miles

    Metro series are getting another title - thoughts?

    I loved the first two, and reading the books really brings you into the immersive world. I'm excited about the new title, but my only hope is they fully stick to the "Metro" underground that made the first two games so much fun. Exciting news, something I'll be buying when it comes out.
  19. Miles

    Question Should Game Rebels create a Sandbox Server?

    Might as well use our server box. But I still strongly believe G-Mod is not the way to go. Though if it expands the community, then I'm all for it.
  20. Miles

    Global Staff List