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  1. Referal

    Going Forward

    Hopefully there will be an MineCraft 2 where it could something similar to PUBG and Fornite and a much more 3D graphic too it but I don't think there will be a Minecraft 2 as the developers of the game are busy updating Minecarft everday or month but I hope to see a 2 in near future lets say...
  2. Referal

    SecondLife Game

    Secondlife is a virtual reality games aimed for Adults from ages 18+ years old its kinda similar to Habbo Hotel as its a Virtual game but more adult theme SecondLIfe has many inworld jobs and RP's as you guess you earn something called Lindens which you convert to real money for example 1,400...
  3. Referal

    WWE 2K14

    Anyone on here remembers playing WWE 2K14 Game on Playstation 1 and Xbox back in the old days I don't own the new games of the WWE trilogy series last one I played was WWE 2K16 on my cousins Playstation 2-3 years ago I going to buy WWE 2K20 soon I heard good reviews about it?? leave your...
  4. Referal

    Worst console flop ever?

    I think Virtual Boy I heard was a worst console game ever made 2 for me its GameBoy Advance not the one with the flip I am talking about the older one It was terrible I had it and then they removed the games from the market then it was the Advance with the flip was introduced and took the gaming...
  5. Referal

    PlayCraft Game

    Another game like Minecraft that is on Steam is called PlayCraft is a sandbox style Minecraft where you build and share you ideas that you have even make your own Games and servers I play it no stop since its early release access its a good game if your into Roblox and Minecraft and games...
  6. Referal

    halo games

    Halo and COD are the same game developers so if they are really close I don't really see reason why not tbh but yea I think if the changed the game anymore it will be like a GTA style futuristic Call duty styled game so I think I like where Halo is now at its stage I can't wait for more games...
  7. Referal

    Xbox vs PS

    I played on playstation since I was a kid so I will go with playstation also another reason why is because PS was released on the year I was born and the same as me I think it was Playstation 2 yup it was Playstation 2 and I have such fond memories of playing games on it growing up on it
  8. Referal

    Favorite Game Engine?

    For me its in between 2 Engine I use or used lol It will be Unity and Blender and an old Free Gaming software which I don't find anymore online anymore as it got removed the software works fine which is odd but those are favorite 2-3 different game engines I use for developing games.
  9. Referal

    Witcher 3 Players: Did You Romance Triss or Yennefer?

    After watching the show The Witcher Season 1 now streaming on Netflix I fell in love with Yennefer of Vengerberg played by Anya Chalotra so I will say would ship Geralt and Yennefer aka Gennefer I thought of that name right now its a good ship name for them to be given I just hope nobody stole...
  10. Referal

    Borderlands 3 trailer reveal at long last!

    Never played Borderland the first second or third but I heard good reviews about I planning on buying it soon same some other games I posted on here on some other threads that I posted on.
  11. Referal

    Stupid things your friends or you have done

    Me and Friend starting trolling me when we approached red zone he started shooting me trying to knock me out then all of team members started to troll each other which was very funny until the the time ran out and we lost.
  12. Referal

    List of Webmaster/Advertising Forums

    I know Tons PromotionParadise (I work there atm) There is ForumPromotion (which too I work) and the list goes on and on but sadly these Webmaster forums aren't doiing to well these days :(
  13. Referal

    Suggestion Gaming Tournament GR?

    I was thinking for making this forum Live and active again could we have a GameRebeles Gaming Tournament on here something brawlhalla or Super smash Bros or anything you guys suggest to make this forum alive and active as I am getting bored of replying to old threads and post everyday also the...
  14. Referal

    Favorite Street Fighter character

    Do you have a favorite Street Fighter Character?? and don't no where to talk about it then this thread is for you for its Ken Masters why cause its tough just like Ryu but also hes rich like really rich which awesome you don't Fighters who are rich in games or anime there but very few and Ken is...
  15. Referal

    Arma 4 Release day?

    I was just wondering as a Fan of Arma 1,2,3 Are there any plans of releasing a Arma 4 anytime soon I really love ARMA and was just wondering where it went it was so popular back when Arma 3 got released and since there is news of Arma 4 I hope they talk about it soon and it gets added to GR...
  16. Referal

    Still possible to find a GameBoy Advance?

    Awesome gonna give this a try. I also own a gameboy advance console so is there a way to transfer those consoles to my phone while I download the emulator on my phone??
  17. Referal

    Lord of the Rings Map that I edited.

    This looks like a totally of this world edit thanks for sharing dude very well done indeed. Are there going to be more edits in the future?
  18. Referal

    Your opinion?

    I am like everyone on this thread I played it a while ago stopped as it was buggy and laggy but since it was free I gave it a try I guess it ok but nowadays I see it on Steam they recommend users to download it since again its free kinda reminds of Minecraft meets Roblox kinda sad its only...
  19. Referal

    Started Playing Brawlhalla

    I just today starting playing a new 2D Brawl game called Brawlhalla its a PC Steam game similar like Super Smash Bros for Wii you have fight someone to get them out of the tournament but it starts of with 4 players and of course there could be one and only 1 Winner this is very much like super...
  20. Referal

    Bypass Youtube Age Limit

    When I was younger I used to put /v/ it used too work for example would be http://www.youtube.com/watch/v/9Y1q2eEyCpU anyways it used to work back then now YouTube policy has been better then back 2012-2015 it now downloads the file so it kinda knew people used to do this back then and improved...