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    Now that it's been a few weeks, how do you feel about Warlords of Draenor?

    It is enjoyable, but still not as appealing to me as it was before. However, I'm aiming to give it another try this summer.
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    So, what did you think of Timeless Isle?

    It was fun, no doubt. I prefer to do all of my quests and get BGs out of my system before going to a sandbox gameplay. I loved the TI because I could do anything, and I love saving up for different things so it worked out.
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    Seven days free of game time on WoW

    I used it, but I only played for a day. WoW just doesn't have the same addictive factor that it used to for me.
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    Are you in a guild?

    I've switched guilds a lot. Originally I was in Alliance, and it was awesome. Through a year or so, most of the guildies left the game, so I switched to Horde where it was more active. My guild now is very sporadic, and casual basically.
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    PvE or PvP?

    PvE was fun at first, but the quests got too repetitive. PvP was always fun because I never knew what to expect.