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    Your favourite iPhone App

    I am an Angry Birds fanatic, I have most, if not all of their games and I play them all pretty much at least once a day. I wait for the day when I get three stars on each level in each game, haha. Aside from that though, I use an application called 'Simplenote' which is brilliant for making...
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    Apple Products

    I currently own an Apple TV (great for movies! :P), Ipod Touch 1st Gen - 4th Gen, an iPhone 4S, an iPad2 3G and an iMac. Yes, I am an Apple fanboy and I do not care what anybody has to say about it, haha. They are all great products though, sure they are a little pricey but I don't really care...
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    What football team do you support?

    I am a Chelsea fan myself. I grew up around a sect of people who liked the team and it was only natural I suppose for me to get dragged into the whole liking Chelsea thing. Although, I do not follow football as much as I used to I would sure love to be able to go see a game at Stamford Bridge...
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    How many hours do you sleep?

    I'm terrible for sleep during the school periods, I tend to sleep for around 4-6 hours on a college night but during the summer holidays (Now) I tend to sleep for well over 12-16 because I tend to stay up for over 24 hours at a time a lot so naturally, I sleep longer. I love sleeping though...
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    Favorite Game?

    This is a very hard choice, certainly a mix between the first Pokemon games (Red/Blue) and GTA SA (A good contrasting area for the games!) but Pokemon was essentially my first taste of a real game and started my love whilst SA was essentially the greatest game I have ever played. I am going to...
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    How many games have you played this week?

    Quite a few actually, bought four games last weekend and I've had a go on each of them but I have also had a pop at FIFA 11' and '10 much to 22_22 dismay, haha. Homefront (One of the four I bought) was my favourite game this week though, although a tad short for my liking it was a very fun game...
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    In games like GTA, I tend to use cheats all the time just because for me it makes it a lot more fun having masses of weapons and fast cars to blaze around the place in, haha. OTher than GTA though, I do tend to play through the game first before using cheats just because what is the point in...
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    I am a very strange dreamer, I tend to have very vivid strange dreams as-well but some of them are way too strange for me to post here I am sure! One of my less strange ones though would involve me essentially being a re-incarnation of Godzilla or some other huge dinosaur rampaging throughout my...
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    Console of Choice?

    XBOX 360 Slim for me, I have had a whole host of other consoles and I will admit I miss my PS1/PS2 days but I have fell in love with this little machine. For whatever reason, it is my gaming paradise.
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    How many consoles do you own?

    I have a fair amount of consoles in my house really. I'll give you a list because I can. :P Xbox 360 x 2 Xbox Slim GBA Colour/Advance Wii PS2 PS3 It is nice to have a wide variety of consoles sitting around the place though, you never know what mood you will be in when the gaming mood strikes you.
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    How many games do you have?

    A simple question really, just read the title! Haha. How many games do you have? (All together if you have multiple systems) For myself, considering all the systems I currently have and use, probably around the 100 mark because I like having a lot of games because you never know when a...
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    Favourite Game Genre

    So what type of gaming genres take your fancy? Mine would have to be shoot-'em-up games or simulation games, they are the ones I simply must have to make my console life complete!
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    If you could make your own console

    A simple question to get your brains thinking really, if you had access to unlimited technology, money and such, what would you name your console, and what features would you want it too have?
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    Using the Wii made you fit?

    Would you say that since you purchased your Nintendo Wii, you had got fitter just by actually playing the games that you have on offer? I would say that when I originally got my first Wii I did actually get a little bit fitter by playing games which felt fantastic but then I discovered the fatal...
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    Minecraft on XBOX

    Just seen some stuff floating around the web that Minecraft will soon be on its way to the XBOX 360 in the form of an 'arcade' game available for download. Seems like Minecraft has really taken off in that sense, it seems like you'll be able to use Kinect in it also! Would you get Minecraft...
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    Do you play XBOX games for the pure fact that you want to gather as many achievements as you possibly can or do you just trundle along the game collecting them as and when you do? Whilst I personally do not play the games for achievements, certain ones I do try to get due to the fact that the...
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    What attracted you to the XBOX?

    Out of all the consoles you could have bought, what made you buy the XBOX, why did you choose the XBOX over every other system? For myself, I got an XBOX primarily because the majority of my friends had one but then the XBOX grew on me and now I wouldn't use any other system as much as I...
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    What would make the XBOX better?

    What do you think would make the current XBOX 360 better? Any additions to whats on offer through the dashboard? Maybe a hardare upgrade you would like to see, what would make the experience of using an XBOX more fun for you?
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    Using Cheats

    When playing a game, do you use cheats to help you complete it faster or just for the random fun it may add to a game? Or you a purist and do you not use cheats at all? I will use cheats i if I get bored, but then again, like in the GTA series, i use them just for a laugh as they make things...
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    Do you enjoy reading?

    I do not like books at all, the only 'books' i will read are e-books which will help me advance my knowledge in something like coding, graphics or whatever.