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  1. valy

    Gaming Rarely

    I am addicted to playing games online, I play games almost every day and the only thing that keeps me to play more is the lack of time. My job takes too much time and I enjoy time with my family as well, the rest of the time I play games online, but to be honest I would play more and more each day!
  2. valy

    Gaming is Childish

    I am from the old generation, I guess I fit there since I have 40 years old and I do not think that gaming is childish, I admit that some of my friends say that playing games online is a waste of time but I am not one of them. In fact, I think that playing games online it makes us relax, avoid...
  3. valy

    Why buy new when used is available?

    This kind of people who always want new things in all domains are people who have a lot of money and they can afford such a behavior. We the usual people who live from a small salary we use the old games or wait for discounts or vouchers, and in some cases, we wait until the game will be...
  4. valy

    Titanfall: Assault , New Android Game!

    I didn't know they have released on August 3 the Titanfall: Assault. Can you tell us more about it, how it works if it has flaws, bugs etc. I am interested, and I will probably download it soon, how much does it cost or you have to download it for free?
  5. valy

    Games For The Aged

    I was curious to see your post...games for a granny? Well, this is difficult to choose, why don't you ask her directly what she likes to play, in this way you will have time to buy or download for free the game she desires to play. It is difficult to choose for her, every person has a taste is...
  6. valy

    What's The First Game You Played On Pc

    Ha ha ha I am not one of this 95 % who does not remember, I know for sure the game I have played for the first time on my PC and this was Mario. At that, this game was the best. me and most of my friends were playing it. Sometimes the nostalgy grabs me and still plays this game.
  7. valy

    Favorite gaming company?

    My favorite gaming company is Mojang maybe because I like to play Minecraft very much. In the past, this was my favorite game and I was playing it for more than 2 hours a day. Time passed and I lost my interest for it, but I still play it from time to time!
  8. valy

    Eden Eternal

    I haven't played this game for a long time, this game looks stunning but is boring. I think that this game it fit more for children, not for grown ups.I prefer the World of Warcraft because Eden Eternal seems to have less battle intense than other MMOs.
  9. valy

    Is Destiny 2 Beta Worth It?

    Destiny 2 beta stage will appear on August 28.29 and 31. There are a lot of benefits if you purchase it, but in my opinion, I would not take it because in Destiny 2 beta stage you will have no clan support, character progression is low, still, I like how the map it has larger areas with...
  10. valy

    Lates Pc Games To Play?

    I play a lot of good games on my PC and the best that it fits me are Minecraft and CS: GO. At the moment I don't think it is a good game released that is worth buying and playing it.
  11. valy

    Your Thoughts On The Rise Of Facebook Games?

    I like the Facebook games and I think that some of these games are really good. I play a few games on Facebook and these are Criminal Case, Farm Hero Saga where I have a very high level, Triviador an education game, and The gardens of time. Facebook games are fun and are very entertaining for...
  12. valy

    Do You Buy Themed Sticker Capsules?

    500$ each? That is a very big price. I don't think is worth to spend money on stickers, I prefer to keep the money and buy skins. That is what helps me in the game, I think that stickers are unuseful in this game!
  13. valy

    Mobile Games: Free Or Paid

    I am using the both of these methods. Sometimes I buy games from STEAM and not only, I buy some games from my local gaming shop. When I do not have money I purchase free games. The Internet is full of games, paid or free, is up to us on what we want to paly!
  14. valy

    Are There Good Games For Linux?

    I'm playing games on my Windows 7, I do not advise you to jump on LINUX, but if you do I recommend you the following games: Battle for Wesnoth - this is a strategy game. Xonotic - this game is a first-person shooter game. Voxelands - a similar game as Minecraft. You can try one of these games on...
  15. valy

    How Do You Cope With Low Battery When Playing

    I'm guessing you refer to a laptop, or a console, right? When I travel I have a spare battery (an external one) for my laptop and in this way I can chat, surf and play for a long time or until I get to my destination. Generally, I play online games from my PC so I have no battery problems!
  16. valy

    Are You Losing Interest Too?

    I never had such a problem, to lose my interest in playing online games.In the worse case when I get bored by a certain game I just play another game. If is needed I buy a new game that will gain my interest in no time. For me, there is always a game that worth playing it!
  17. valy

    Is Anybody Playing Season 11?

    Yes, I have played the Season 11 of Diablo 3 for a few hours only, a friend of mine just bought it and me like it because there are more new cosmetic rewards and a brand new series of portraits themed around Treasure Goblins. Still, this season is not so interesting as the previous ones.
  18. valy

    Suggest Some Good Vr Games On Android

    Hi, Lindbergh, there are a lot of good VR games from where to choose from. I will list you some of them here: Mekorama- don't know if you like it, is a puzzle game where you have to guide a small robot through the level. Hunters Gate- this is my best suggestion because this one is with demons...
  19. valy

    Have you used Android Emulators on your PC?

    I have tried this in the past but I'm not good at this. I know that mobile app is the best compared to the desktop app, these are more compact and better written. A friend of mine installed the Android Studio, this emulator helped my friend to install an app from Google Play, and now he plays...
  20. valy

    What Is The Best Resident Evil Game?

    I have tried all of them because at the beginning I was a fan of the franchise Resident Evil. I think that the best game from all of them is Resident Evil 6 because it gives us the sensation of a hard survival and makes you think twice before to take action. If I'm thinking better I would play a...