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    Kindle Fire

    I have a Nook and Kindle Fire. The Nook is much more comfortable when I read things. I think the glare from my Kindle Fire is causing all the distress in my eyes. But if you don't read, get a Kindle Fire since it has more features.
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    Most visited website?

    ForumPromotion, YouTube, and 9GAG. I'm starting to get interested in Reddit lately. But I go on 9GAG everyday because the images they post are just really funny.
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    Best Forum Software

    I think XenForo is really good too. I personally prefer the SEO of XenForo than IPB. It uses a lot of jQuery and all the themes looks REAL nice. vB themes are all kind of generic so I don't like it, even with the huge amounts of mods. The bad thing about XenForo is that it's really new and...
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    Desktop or Laptop?

    I own a desktop with 3 screens and I BARELY use my laptop ever. I code on my desktop since I can have 3 different screens with code on them. I own a MacBook air since I only use laptops for surfing the internet, microsoft, and other small stuff. It's light and thin so I can bring it anywhere.
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    WHY do you game?

    I only game with my friends too. It kind of helps me kill time since I really don't have anything to do. And also...it's fun!
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    Best Game ever?

    I loved Counter Strike. It was almost perfectly polished and it used to be one of the biggest games our there. I still do, but it's kind of too old for my tastes now.
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    Last Game Played?

    I'm currently playing the Portal 2 co-op with my friend. I played the singleplayer and loved it. The co-op is so much more fun since it requires a lot more think and teamwork! I'm also playing Kingdom of Amalur but I don't really think it's that great of a game. Probably because I don't enjoy...
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    Battlefield 3: Noob Hunter

    Anyone like Battlefield? This video is not owned by me but it's amazingly funny! It's a parody of that Crocodile Hunter on Animal Planet a few years ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1IVeKFHHnA
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    Favourite Game Genre

    FPS is my favorite gaming genre. I play all FPS like Battlefield 3 and Counter Strike(long time ago). RPG is pretty nice but I normally just get bored and start using cheat codes and just...troll around.
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    How many Hours?

    I game around 3 hours a day. But sometimes, I just don't feel like gaming. I only play games with my friends since it's much more interesting to hang out and talk with someone while I game.
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    Your Gaming Mouse

    Razer DeathAdder. It's a great gaming mouse for FPS gaming. It's ergonomic and is really comfortable for any FPS hand grips. I use the palm grip for my mouse and it feels really comfortable.
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    iBUYPOWER is slightly more expensive than CyberPowerPC. I'd recommend CyberPowerPC over iBUYPOWER but I personally recommend building it yourself. You rig can be damaged in transit and sometimes they will switch your components without asking. Sometimes they will degrade or upgrade it. Building...
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    Your Rig

    Case: NZXT Switch 810 (Black) CPU: Intel i5 3570k Motherboard: ASUS Z68 Maximus IV GENE-Z (Upgrading to Maximus V Formula when it comes out) Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 580 FTW Hydro Copper Boot Drive: 2x Crucial M4 128GB in RAID 0 Storage Drive: 2x Western Digital 2TB Caviar Green PSU: Corsair...
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    Alienware Laptops

    My Alienware laptop experience was absolutely horrible. In my opinion, if you want to game with a laptop, go for ASUS ROG notebooks because they usually have better quality components and parts. Alienware laptops are way to overprices and it's really not worth it. But that's just my opinion.