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  1. yaorice

    Civilization V

    Really late response, but YES. The ideologies especially are amazing, I've been working on cultural victories recently and it's so fun to tweak strategies depending on ideologies. Definitely a game that I could play for days on end.
  2. yaorice

    What's The Most Overated Game You Have Ever Played

    You read my mind, I was definitely about to say Black Ops would be at the top of my list. I'd never tried any other Call of Duty games, but when I tried Black Ops I found it extremely boring and almost laughably easy. Granted I only played the first few story mode missions and don't generally...
  3. yaorice

    Are You Losing Interest Too?

    I think it's realistic to need a break from anything, even if you really love doing it. Taking some time to explore other hobbies can be helpful, in addition to just spending some time by yourself / with other people, whichever you generally don't do as much. If you are truly just looking for...
  4. yaorice

    What Are Those Games That Can Boost Intelligence

    So many games take critical thinking, it's not too hard to find them. The Professor Layton series comes to mind, it's literally just brainteaser after brainteaser.
  5. yaorice

    Stardew Valley goals?

    I just got married yesterday actually! I went with Elliott in the end, I like his room expansion a lot, it makes everything look very homey and nice.
  6. yaorice

    Most forgettable console for you?

    Funny that you guys mention these, because my last favorite console ever is easily the PSP. There was just nothing of lasting fun/worth to play on it except for Final Fantasy Tactics...and that's just because I'm an SRPG nerd. I definitely have heard that there are way more PSP/PS Vita games in...
  7. yaorice

    Stardew Valley goals?

    I've been playing nonstop the past few days, I've mostly been concerned first with reaching the last level of the mines and then of finishing the community center bundles! Now I think I'm gonna start focusing on getting married...I'm usually pretty worried about running out of things to do in...
  8. yaorice

    What's Next For Pokemon?

    I feel like changing the gameplay of the main Pokemon games may be out of the question now--it's too much of a legend. The spinoffs like Mystery Dungeon and Pokemon Conquest and Pokken are fun in themselves, and I feel like those may continue to be produced with minimal repercussions (i.e...
  9. yaorice

    What is your favorite Legend of Zelda game?

    I'll admit the reason why my answer may be more strange is because I haven't played some of the most famous Zelda games, so my judgement might be a bit off, but like really loved Minish Cap when I was little. I remember playing it on repeat. Of course Breath of the Wild is still amazing, but I...
  10. yaorice

    What is currently in your Steam wishlist?

    My wishlist right now includes Firewatch, Slime Rancher, and Overcooked...these games all seem AMAZING / have had rave reviews but aren't genres that I usually play, so I'm really hoping to grab them when they're on sale someday. I'm way too cheap to pay full price on a game that I'm not sure...
  11. yaorice

    Do you ever feel bad at killing someone in games?

    Competitive online gaming? Not as much, because I know everyone's there for competition and for fun. But I've definitely felt guilty just disappointing a character in a story-based game before. I can't stand watching them being upset...which is probably a testament to how well-written the...
  12. yaorice

    Civilization V

    I grew up on Civ 3, so I've loved playing Civ 5. I met quite a few friends in college playing Civ, actually! I find it so fun just because of the different leader bonuses, the crazy difficulty range, and the flexibility depending on what victory you go for...if you're buying it now I definitely...
  13. yaorice

    Lisa (The Painful)

    I got so excited when I saw this forum topic. I LOVE the Lisa series, and I definitely think every gamer that's a fan of rpgmaker-style games need to give it a shot. It's way way way way WAY darker than Undertale though, I will have to warn beforehand. It's best to know just how dark it is when...
  14. yaorice

    What games are you playing?

    I've been playing a lot of casual games recently, so a lot of Sunless Sea and some Civ 5 with friends when they're online. I have yet to finish the new Fire Emblem game too...there's always too many on the list to finish.
  15. yaorice

    Before you purchase a game...

    I feel like it's a really bad idea to buy a game without playing a demo or watching gameplay of some sort. I feel like most of the games I've bought I've heard from circles of games that I already play currently, so I know that it's in a similar genre. I feel like branching out from your usual...
  16. yaorice

    Your first online game?

    I can't even remember what the first one was (after Gaia online and Neopets of course...). I played a lot of Flash Flash Revolution, and then I remember a good few months spent on Lunia and Maplestory too during one summer. I remember loving Lunia the most out of all of them!
  17. yaorice

    Best deal?

    Same, this is exactly the same deal that I got a while back! It's absolutely incredible, a total steal considering everything that comes with it + the number of hours that I've sunk into it. I've convinced my friends to get it during a few sales since so that I'd have some company...definitely...
  18. yaorice

    How many consoles do you own?

    I only have a 3DS with me right now, but also have a Wii, PS2, PS3, PSP, and Gameboy that's hiding somewhere in a corner back home... I've always wanted to get a PS4 though. There are too many titles that I want to play on it!
  19. yaorice

    What do you ...

    For me the game mechanics and characters are the most important. I wish I could say that a story is enough for me to be interested, but I've learned since that I'm only interested in the story if there are characters that I'm invested in. Quirkiness is always a plus, too, I'm a sucker for it...
  20. yaorice

    Longer or shorter story modes?

    I feel like the length of the story is important but, like how other people have been saying, I hate it when the story feels too drawn out as well. Especially since it'll take longer to play then, and I feel like I have a tendency to forget plot points the longer that I spend on a game. I feel...