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  1. Mace

    The Day Before Looks Really Bad

    This is nothing new in the gaming industry, it's almost the norm for games to overpromise and underdeliver if not outright lie about features. Pre-ordering is almost always a poor idea in this day and age as games often come out buggy and unfinished. The developers with a minutia of integrity...
  2. Mace

    Hey whatever happened to CrusadesRP?

    Hey whatever happened to CrusadesRP?
  3. Mace

    Question What has happened to this site?

    Hey! I'm active ish Most of the members used the forums because of the Gmod Clone Wars and First Order servers. Those died so a lot of those people don't use the forums anymore. It is highly unlikely those people will come back. CW and FO were really the core of the forums and everything else...
  4. Mace

    Know any Good military games

    Planetside 2 is more shooter focused but has a clan system, If you have minecraft I think there are a couple MC MilSims. Eve is like a very long term clan game too. Gmod is pretty cheap and probably the best for what you are looking for honestly.
  5. Mace

    Know any Good military games

    Little late but Gmod has a lot of good military and clonewars RP servers. If not that try Arma 3 or Squad
  6. Mace

    530 Post Reached!

  7. Mace

    Question Updates for the Forum soon?

    Nein is no in German
  8. Mace

    530 Post Reached!

    Man I just reached 482 Like... Just now
  9. Mace

    Question Updates for the Forum soon?

    Nein, just only one who posts
  10. Mace

    First PC game

    Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth II Still the best LOTR Game
  11. Mace

    WHoring for "coins"

  12. Mace

    Banner Made

    In the first one your eyes are naturally attracted to the pink instead of reading the title Blue on blue in the second one just doesn't work
  13. Mace

    Corrupt-A-Wish Forum Game

    Wish granted but you can never remember what you did the day before I wish to reinstall the Kingdom of Prussia
  14. Mace

    Hey Booiiiiiiiiiiiii WHAT ARE YOU DOING

    Hey Booiiiiiiiiiiiii WHAT ARE YOU DOING
  15. Mace

    A Memorial to the former 5th Fleet Security of AfterShock/Axiom/Endless

    Every member who was ever in security that I could find. Back to Aug 2016 I can guarantee that's everyone. Before than I'm sure their are hundreds of souls who will forever be forgotten. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DFi5gQCXwNMmpwccaV7FiyVLAaMqMN0hgDSxGwrrKQY/edit#gid=0
  16. Mace

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    They do a thing in a place then go to another place to do a thing and talk with a guy then they do another thing and a thing happens to someone which causes another thing to happen and in the end nobody understood what thing happened. Also its a feminist movie.
  17. Mace

    Well RIP... Broken Pinky

    Have you tried asking it to heal nicely?
  18. Mace

    Do cheat guides make games too boring?

    It seems like one of those things that you really need sometimes. Staying stuck on something for idk lets say three hours can get boring. So having a guide to help you lets you move along and just get passed the incredible hard part.