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  1. Gladdy

    Hi, I'm Miller

    I'm glad that you're back Miller. I don't know you but you seem like an interesting guy :D hope to see more posts from you! Welcome
  2. Gladdy

    Are You Excited For The 7.3 Patch?

    The patch 7.3 which Blizzard named the "Shadows of Argus" is coming next week and I am excited as hell. They have made the new patch really, really good with tons of new content and things that will keep us busy. A few additions that are worth the mention: - brand new zones, - a new dungeon, -...
  3. Gladdy

    What's The Most Overated Game You Have Ever Played

    Really, you didn't like Witcher 3? Why? I'm really surprised by that. I will join those that have mentioned Call of Duty but only the latest ones. Up until Modern Warfare 2 I absolutely loved Call of Duty franchise but after that, it started to decrease in its value since Activision is greedy...
  4. Gladdy

    Do You Have A Lot Of Heirloom Gear?

    I actually own every single heirloom item except like 4 or 5, haha. I spent tons of time grinding so I could afford them all. I bought them with the old currency system that was used if you remember? It was called the Justice points and you'd get them for doing the different dungeons and raids...
  5. Gladdy

    Has Anybody Played Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Yet?

    I've been meaning to try this game because I saw some streamers playing it on Twitch the other night. But I wasn't sure if it's good or not - I only watched a few minutes. Do you mind if I ask some questions? 1) Is it free roam type or more linear story driven? 2) Does it focus purely on combat...
  6. Gladdy

    Any Good Detective Games?

    Yeah, L.A. Noire is a really good detective game. I've replayed it twice because I wanted to choose different options with the dialogue and interrogations. Anyway, I guess Heavy Rain can also be taken as a detective game as TsuyoyRival pointed out. You can play as two "detective" characters -...
  7. Gladdy

    Are You Ready For Age Of Empires 4?

    Ahh. I saw the announcement over the twitter when one of the gaming companies that I follow retweeted it. When I first saw it, I thought that it's a joke, haha. I still can't believe that they're making the 4th one because it has been so many years since AoE3. I honestly thought that they...
  8. Gladdy

    Best Game In The Metal Gear Solid Franchise?

    SNAKE EATERRRR! Anybody still remembers the theme song? Damn. I listened to it on YouTube hundreds of time... I even had it on replay. I loved it so much. But yeah, for me personally, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater is still number one from the whole franchise. I got it as a Christmas or birthday...
  9. Gladdy

    Is it hard to be the Support?

    Haha. I remember when this was a popular strategy on Alistar. People would instantly pick him, get boots as soon as possible then roam around to middle lane. So, if you were ADC you had to pick somebody that can easily farm 1v2, like Tristana. But I do agree that some supports can actually be...
  10. Gladdy

    Is Destiny 2 Beta Worth It?

    Yeah, that's for the computer though. There was already a beta stage for consoles but it ended on 23rd of July I think. I watched many streams on Twitch.tv because I was seriously interested in how the game will be. Thanks for pointing out that it will be coming to computers shortly as well. I...
  11. Gladdy

    What's Your Highest Pvp Rank In Wow?

    Errr... I sort of remember it. I was playing Alliance - the good old Night Elf Hunter. You know back then when we were all fans of Legolas so we made one? I spammed so much of the different battlegrounds. It was mainly Arathi Basin and Alterac Valley. We only had 3 or 4 battlegrounds available...
  12. Gladdy

    Moments in games where you just want to smash the controller

    Haha, yes. I still remember those times. If you are an old-time gamer like me, then you will also recall the no memory cards. Back in the NES, SNES days... you literally had no memory cards so whenever you turned the game off, all of your progress was lost as well. We used to leave the console...
  13. Gladdy

    Which System Did You Start With?

    I started with NES so I've been a gamer for almost my whole life. I just love games and everything that has to do with it. I don't have the NES anymore but I do have an emulator on my computer that has every single ROM that was released for it... so it's quite easy to get some of the nostalgia...
  14. Gladdy


    Haha, same here! I haven't heard about this game before so I looked it up in Steam and just judging from the screenshots there, it really reminds me of Overwatch. But it seems to be even more sci-fi with the jumps? I don't know. Is there any information about the game modes? Or maybe what sort...
  15. Gladdy

    Is Destiny 2 Beta Worth It?

    Hey everybody, as you probably know the Destiny 2 beta stage started a while ago and I have been wondering if it's worth pre-purchasing the game just to be able to participate and play in the beta stage? I haven't played the Destiny games before but they always looked very fun. I just don't...
  16. Gladdy

    Stardew Valley goals?

    My goals are: 1) make a beautiful farm 2) make sure that the farm is very profitable, 3) start socializing with the villagers, 4) mine and explore the desert, 5) do all of the hidden quests. I think that Stardew Valley is amazing because it doesn't set too many quests. You get some but they're...
  17. Gladdy

    Games For The Aged

    Well, my grandmother absolutely loves puzzle games and card ones. So, try to find some solitaire games on Google Store app. You have really plenty that have quite challenging modes. Another one that they could try is Candy Crush. I think that games like that have no real age limit. You can play...
  18. Gladdy

    Any Must-try Rpgs?

    I agree with Soulwatcher. You definitely have to check out Bethesda and their games. They are legendary for making one of the best RPGs. I especially suggest the Elder Scrolls. You can waste so, so many hours on those games... You will really have plenty of things to do and a big world to...
  19. Gladdy

    Suggest Some Good Vr Games On Android

    I don't personally have VR but my friend plays games with it all the time... I did try it and it isn't bad at all. Anyway, I suggest that you check out these games: - Hardcore VR, - Shadowgun VR, - Minos Starfighter VR. They are all suppose to be great quality VR games.
  20. Gladdy

    Coaching To Climb And Get Better

    Oh that is true. I completely forgot about that. My main roles are top and jungle but I don't play every day. I used to be far more active than right now but I am still always up for learning from other players. I think that it is one of the best ways to learn since you can discuss things that...