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  1. Hintahai

    Roblox Section

    As much as @Vladimir Gray & I want a Roblox section, I doubt it will ever happen. This post was originally a sort of a joke so I doubt we will be getting a section for Roblox :D
  2. Hintahai

    Which Game would you recommend Between Fortnite or PUBG?

    I've played both of the games quite a lot (PUBG for over 300 hours & Fortnite around 100 hours). I personally prefer PUBG over Fortnite due to it being much more realistic when it comes to gameplay & graphics. In PUBG you need to know your surroundings and be prepared for anything. Fortnite on...
  3. Hintahai

    Newbie in the house

    Welcome to Gamerebels! I hope you enjoy your stay!
  4. Hintahai

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I have not watched it yet but I've heard it's not so good. However I'll go see it tomorrow so I can see if the rumors are true!
  5. Hintahai

    Steam winter sales are coming, are you prepared?

    It's the time of the year when 10 new games appear in your steam library & $100 dissapear from your wallet. Steam is launching the yearly winter sale tomorrow (21st of December). There will be huge sales on games you might like. Are you planning on buying something?
  6. Hintahai

    MMORPG Roles [PVE]

    in many MMORPG games like World of Warcraft or SWTOR there are 3 main roles to separate the tasks & objectives of each member. In many games you will choose your role & unlock abilities that fits the role. The three roles are: Tank, healer & DPS (classes with high damage). Tank Tanks normally...
  7. Hintahai

    Question Need help

    The problem is not in GR if you managed to redeem the code an it added the game to your library. It's either steam not installing all the required files or a problem with your computer
  8. Chicken Dinner #5

    Chicken Dinner #5

  9. Chicken Dinner #4

    Chicken Dinner #4

  10. Chicken Dinner #3

    Chicken Dinner #3

  11. Chicken Dinner #2

    Chicken Dinner #2

  12. Chicken Dinner

    Chicken Dinner

  13. Chicken Dinner #8

    Chicken Dinner #8

  14. Chicken Dinner #7

    Chicken Dinner #7

  15. Chicken Dinner #6

    Chicken Dinner #6

  16. Chicken Dinner #10

    Chicken Dinner #10

  17. Chicken Dinner #9

    Chicken Dinner #9

  18. Hintahai

    Battlegrounds the Movie

    This reminds of the time when I, @Vladimir Gray & @eligra527 carried your ass in PUBG. Oh wait... That's every match we play
  19. Hintahai

    Shadow of WaR

    The game is awesome in my opinion. I recommend you play Shadow of Mordor before the new one. That way you'll understand what is going on. Shadow of War is basically more advanced version of Shadow of Mordor. There are many places to explore and the fortress system let's you fight cool battles...
  20. Hintahai

    Shop Suggestions

    By Call of Duty do you mean the original one that was released in 2003 or do you mean the whole game series?