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  1. augusta

    How did you start playing games?

    I started playing my games at my grannies. Because they're great gamers too.I was quite small then and my granny was looking for a way to keep me excited with her,so she introduce me to super Mario on her PC, shown me how to play,I enjoyed it and I started playing it more often.
  2. augusta

    Influence Of Video Games On Children

    Well,for me before I allow kids to play any game on my mobile or PC I must have watched or played the game from the beginning to the end to certify it fit for children or else no playing by any kid. yes,if a video game is always showing violent or indecency the kids can copy these habits which...
  3. augusta

    How many hours do you play a day?

    Hours of play depend solely on my mood and time I have.if it days that I'm quite free I can play for almost 5-6 hours but for busy day 1-2 hours just to refresh so I can get back to work better.
  4. augusta

    Why do you actually enjoy gaming?

    it relaxes me especially in a stressful day. it helps keep boredom away on a really boring day. I play some to make some bucks for the betting games.
  5. augusta

    How desperate are you for gaming?

    Same here when I love a game I play it everyday I can remember my love for candy crush almost missed an interview because I wanted to surpass a level before stepping out and I got there late and I was almost send out of the panel room.
  6. augusta

    Do you bet on games?

    I do sometimes but just for the fun of it.I wish I could be doing it for money.it will really be more rewarding and exciting.
  7. augusta

    Will PC gaming ever take over completely??

    Yes.I see it taking over because there are so many computer games now and the graphics I'd quite superb. Consoles would soon be dumped.
  8. augusta

    Do you have an original Xbox?

    We don't appreciate the XBOX so we are more into PStation for now.
  9. augusta

    Your computer & gaming

    I use my HP laptop for my gaming, the graphics in it is quite okay,I enjoy my games without stress.I only thing I noticed is the PC become very hot at some point which I attribute to using it for a long time.
  10. augusta


    I still play the old PlayStation especially PSone.There are some games in it,I still enjoy but I do sometimes.
  11. augusta

    Where do you purchase your hardware?

    We buy both online and offline.But offline more st games plaza incase there's change in plan,then it can be returned or changed immediately.
  12. augusta

    Will you buy the PS4 straight away?

    Yes,right away my brothers are always eager to get new ones so this wouldn't be an exception we prefer PlayStation to Xbox
  13. augusta


    We don't need speakers because we believe the head set is enough. I think speakers are mostly used by commercial players.
  14. augusta


    We have got turtle beaches for our PlayStation and that is just it for now.
  15. augusta

    Console vs Handheld

    I go for handheld because of the simplicity and portability of going everywhere with it.I can play my games everywhere. it heps me ease off stress.
  16. augusta

    Will PC Gaming Overtake Consoles

    I see same too.Personally I don't like playing on consoles I prefer my laptop and I enjoy it better.There are so many computer games for my playing pleasure.So yes it would soon take over.
  17. augusta


    I play my games with the soundtrack on but not loud especially if I enjoy the background sound but if the sound is too masculine I turned it completely off.I prefer a mild soundtrack.
  18. augusta

    Wireless accessories

    We have the two because my brothers don't joke with games.But I prefer the wireless,I try to recharge it ahead of time.
  19. augusta

    What do you use to record?

    I thinks Fraps is just it for recording,so we are stuck with Fraps for now in my home.
  20. augusta

    Coloured controllers

    yes,I would have been buying the coloured one if I normally buy them.you know as a lady but unfortunately my brothers buy them and it always the normal black colours.