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  1. Neiltarquin

    Favourite Online Game OF ALL TIME!

    Star Craft... I am actually so stuck in the past that I haven't heard about the remastered version up until last night.
  2. Neiltarquin

    Stardew Valley goals?

    The good thing about this game is you goal depends on what you want. You can't go wring with this game.
  3. Neiltarquin

    Are You Losing Interest Too?

    True, I haven't found a game that got me hooked in a while. The last game I played and actually, playing still is COC. I've been playing the game for 4 years now and I'm still enjoying it. Others are lucky enough if I wont delete the game instantly.
  4. Neiltarquin

    Get Paid to Play Mobile Games

    I have tried one of these, and it would took you about a month and a half to earn $2.50. It is a good way to earn extra buck but it is roo slow for me. I'd go for something that could pay me $5 every 2 days.
  5. Neiltarquin

    Mobile Games: Free Or Paid

    Nothing beats free stuff. And there are lots of free stuff in playstore. Although some of the games you could get are next to crap but beggars can't be chooser. I don't like spending money on mobile games because I dont have the time to actually use mobile games... noe, the longest that I coukd...
  6. Neiltarquin

    Life Explained In 5 Minutes

    Nice way explain things... I like The age 1-18 as a tutorial period...
  7. Neiltarquin

    Lates Pc Games To Play?

    As of now none.. But soon I will have one, and my target game is Star Craft. I just bought me a laptop and I'm excited about it.
  8. Neiltarquin

    How Do You Cope With Low Battery When Playing

    My reason is kinda lame because I always overcharge my phone because I am playing mobile games. Laziness has it's price.
  9. Neiltarquin

    How Do You Cope With Low Battery When Playing

    I've changed my phone batery about the 3rd time now and this is gonna be my last. I beat low battery by charging it while playing. Making my phone over charged and my battery swells. Good thingbthey didn't explode.
  10. Neiltarquin

    Are you with or against paying real-world money for virtual items in games ?

    My stand on this one is no, I don't support buying an item using real currency. This makes other people more hooked on playing games. Especially students. Games are supposed to be fun not expensive
  11. Neiltarquin

    What Are Those Games That Can Boost Intelligence

    Brain games for me...
  12. Neiltarquin

    The "how Did I Beat This As A Kid" Moment.

    I never played that game but I knowbthe feeling of asking myself on how did I finished a game. It was in a Rockman series... It was also a hard as hell game but this one time I killed the boss. It Felt so good.
  13. Neiltarquin

    How long has it been?

    Its been a while. Lake almost a year now... But I bought me a laptop so I'll be playing again soon...
  14. Neiltarquin

    What are your favorite online arena games?

    I like DOTA2 but now I play Mobile legends every now and then.
  15. Neiltarquin

    Do you have to complete a game 100%?

    the only game that I have finished was games in Super nintendo like Contra, Rockman series after that I was hooked with PC MMORPG games.
  16. Neiltarquin

    How often do you preorder games?

    I never tried to order a game... I am picky so I'd buy them in a store.
  17. Neiltarquin


    There was a 6v6 map in DOTA 1....
  18. Neiltarquin

    Is PC/Online gaming the wave of the future?

    It is, because PVP is far better than AI. Plus online games is more fun.
  19. Neiltarquin

    Will PC gaming ever take over completely??

    Not really. People would still choose console games. Having different platforms for gaming makes gaming life a bit interesting. PC games may dominate the industry but no matter what you do, console players will still be there. Like people still buy vinyls when high definition sound recording is...