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  1. Gray

    Do you invest real money on playing games

    It depends sometimes for me, I will usually buy an Item on the steam market for a game depending on what the market is at, for example PUBG: I bought a case for it and then sold it on the market for an extra 2$
  2. Gray

    Well RIP... Broken Pinky

    Do some naughty things with it
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    Hey! Welcome to GR :)
  4. Gray

    Steam is bad

  5. Gray

    They get me pumped

    They get me pumped
  6. Gray

    Forum staff are currently not accepting people....

    Forum staff are currently not accepting people....
  7. Gray

    Free Steam Games

    Locking this. This post has became the definition of shit posting. Unless @Jordan wants to reopen this.
  8. Gray

    I ha d read this wrong, I thought by twitching, that you mean't, your body was twitching xD

    I ha d read this wrong, I thought by twitching, that you mean't, your body was twitching xD
  9. Gray

    Name some Mobile Games

    I haven't really used my phone to play many games, and more for social media, but when I do, I usually play games like Clash Royal or flippy knife.
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  11. Gray

    Question Refund on Game

    From my knowledge.. No. As you bought the Mysterybox, the boxes purpose is to give you a random game. As well as if we return your rebellions, you would try again possibly on another mystery box, which defeats the purpose, as well as you would know one of the many games inside.. I would say no...
  12. Gray

    Game Rebels is Hiring!

    Jordan is working on forum staff currently, including a new application, for now however, forum staff is closed, but it will be reopened soon.
  13. Gray

    Future Society

    Well, the movie Wall-E gave a lot of fair points, people littered a lot and didn't care about the environment in that movie, as well as in the movie, they sorted around one large company producing everything for them, called Buy and Large or something. However, our environment is dieing slowly...
  14. Gray

    Scotty's Story Competition! #7 (Ended)

    Good luck @Jog I wish you the best of luck!
  15. Gray

    How do you Guys think the new Star Wars movie will be?

    Might wanna see the Force awakens before you see the new one xD
  16. Gray

    How do you Guys think the new Star Wars movie will be?

    I mean I would type every single movie summary out. but that would take too long, so here's a link I found of a summary of all star wars movies. http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/movies/plot-summaries-star-wars-films-article-1.2454290
  17. Gray

    The Forigener

    Has anyone seen the Forigener yet? I've seen it with my parents and it was around a 8/10 for me. However this movie is a little unique because Jackie Chan has came back and played the main character in the movie, I want to know how you guys liked the movie or if you want to see it, however if...
  18. Gray

    Suggestion Add a Faster way to get R$

    Jordan only does Discounts on games when the game is actually on sale on the steam store, you gotta remember he's gotta be making money as well, he's the one buying the game keys for the games, some keys he gets for free, but most he has to pay for, unless he's feeling generous enough to loose...
  19. Gray

    Super Mario Galaxy I and II

    I had Mario Galaxy 2 on my Wii when I was younger and I remember I didn't complete it fully, however I liked the game a lot, but one of my favorite games on Wii was Mario Cart for some reason, even though it didn't have a story or anything, it was still a lot of fun to play the game with friends...
  20. Gray

    How do you Guys think the new Star Wars movie will be?

    I've been a Star Wars fan since I was a kid, and have watched every single movie as well as all the episodes in Star Wars the Clone Wars (Which unfortunately is no longer on Netflix) and all the episodes that have came out for Star Wars Rebels. Of course I plan on seeing the new movie, but I...