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  1. Jordan

    Hello GameRebels!

    Me too mate. Me too. If you joined previously, did you have to re-register?
  2. Jordan

    Ehhhhhh. Whats up bud

    Ehhhhhh. Whats up bud
  3. Jordan

    Hiya Peeps

    Welcome to Game Rebels :)
  4. Jordan

    Hello, GameRebels

    Welcome to GameRebels @Elite Looking forward to seeing where you take this site :)
  5. Jordan

    JoyFreak here!

    Welcome @JoyFreak ! Thanks for signing up! As you can see, not much is currently going on. As I focus on other projects, I hope to find someone to run this site :)
  6. Jordan

    Gamer Here

    Hey @Zeratul2020 ! Good old Warcraft days. Although I'm not a big fan of RTS games anymore :( Anyhow, welcome to Game Rebels mate!
  7. Jordan

    New gamer here!

    Hey mate, welcome to Game Rebels :) Any specific Moba games you enjoy most?
  8. Jordan

    Question Updates for the Forum soon?

    This new theme was scrapped entirely and instead, looking to fix up and clean the current theme with the new software. However, unfortunately, development has stopped on a lot of features that was going to be released on the forums due to a lot of various reasons. One of which the core software...
  9. Jordan

    I like the way you think :)

    I like the way you think :)
  10. Jordan

    Suggestion Love to screenshots or GamePlay Trailers/Reviews

    Screenshots and game trailers are already going to be apart of the shop. As seen on this page: https://www.gamerebels.com/product/playerunknowns-battlegrounds.97/ For reviews, this is something I was thinking of implementing, but just don't have the time at the moment.
  11. Jordan

    What is the use of R$?

    Hi @JBFernandez ! First, welcome to Game Rebels! Second, Rebellions are used to purchase items from our game shop: https://www.gamerebels.com/shop Basically, the more you participate in the community, the more Rebellions you earn, and then you are able to purchase real games! Everything is...
  12. Jordan

    see R$ points on Mobile app

    That would be an @Aayush question ;) In all reality, he is currently working on making the app work with XenForo 2.0 so not sure any addons will be worked on anytime soon unfortunately.
  13. Jordan

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Who has seen the new star wars movie? I have yet to see it and not sure if I should. I have heard many conflicting reviews that it is hard to find a good opinion on it. If you seen the movie, how was it? Good story? Remember any spoilers should be put in the spoiler tag to prevent spoiling...
  14. Jordan

    Forum statistics?

    Thee one general gaming section has 12,300 replies too :p
  15. Jordan


    H Hi, welcome to Game Rebels :) Thanks for the kind comment! Please excuse the mess of the forums while I start trying to get it going once more! Got any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
  16. Jordan

    Forum statistics?

    Hi Lewis :) What kind of statistics are you looking for? Is it just the total number of board posts/threads, etc? If so, then @Jog is correct. There is nowhere currently to see this information from a user perspective. There's nothing to be ashamed of, there is just simply no reason to bother...
  17. Jordan


    Well hello there! Welcome to Game Rebels :)
  18. Jordan

    Omg it's joker

    Omg it's joker
  19. Jordan

    Renting Games vs Buying

    Wait... You can still rent games? :o
  20. Jordan

    MMORPG Roles [PVE]

    I'm mostly a healer as well. I use to main DPS when I first got into MMOs, then switched to tanking, but then you have to deal with the idiots. So now I mostly create healing classes, that way out in about in the world I can also solo mostly everything :)