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  1. m33kuh

    What's The Most Overated Game You Have Ever Played

    Probably any Call of Duty series. It's like everytime there is a fuzz about them people go nuts and it seems everyone has always a say on anything CoD devs do. May it be good or bad, people would always make it a big deal that would eventually catch the attention of all gamers all over the...
  2. m33kuh

    Educational Games You Played

    I would say Ragnarok. Ragnarok has helped me increase my knowledge when it comes to foreign objects and things or places, creatures or gods. It has a very good and geeky storyline and the NPCs and areas are related to some of the real world. It even helped me at school a couple of times when I...
  3. m33kuh

    How would you rate Rift over 10?

    The thing that discourages me the most and made me eventually quit playing Rift is their Pay2Win system. It's like anything you do or grind for can easily be smashed by rich kids sitting on their computers all day. I mean, there's no problem with that ( I guess?) Because you also have the right...
  4. m33kuh

    Do You Have A Lot Of Heirloom Gear?

    On this server that I am playing (this is a private MoP), I have one heirloom gear and it's a 2h axe. I believe it has a level range of 1 to 80 if I am not mistaken. I bought it using Justice Points. I also see heirlooms in the guild rewards but I still don't have any idea on how to get it. I...
  5. m33kuh

    What Do You Think And Expect Of The 2 New Heroes Announced?

    Just recently during The International 2017 event a couple of days back, Valve has announced a major update for us Dota geeks and yep, you guessed it, new hero! Not one, but 2 new heroes! I am really looking forward to seeing their abilities, positions, and stats delivery. After the reveal...
  6. m33kuh

    What's Your Highest Pvp Rank In Wow?

    On this current private server that I am playing, our arena team is at 2.2 rating. Not sure about the rated battle grounds though. But there are a lot of better players who are on the top ladder. I don't really mind because I am not really a fan of PvP. I like role playing so I would go PvE all...
  7. m33kuh

    Are You Losing Interest Too?

    I would agree with you on this one TS. Lately, I've been losing interest playing my favorite games. It's like I don't enjoy them anymore because of the updates or how the community is going but I know those shouldn't be the reason to lose interest, because if you are a true gamer, none of those...
  8. m33kuh

    How long has it been?

    Amazing. So have you still played even if you have lots of work to do? I don't think I can do that nor I can squeeze some gaming time if I am busy. You must have easy jobs, right? But still, I'm glad that you can always have time for yourself to play some video game no matter how busy you are...
  9. m33kuh

    What's your predictions for TI7 ?

    Lol. Yeah. 7 runs and finally won a TI. He even cried after they won because he knows how much time and effort he has put on those huge tournaments specially on The International. But he has been rich ever since though because they have won a lot of minor and semi-major tournaments lately. GH...
  10. m33kuh

    Your Thoughts On The Rise Of Facebook Games?

    I wasn't really excited to see the new Facebook games specially those that can be played via messenger app. There are still glitches and exploit like the game called EverWing. I have a friend who plays the game and he has this cheat thing, somewhat like a script that increases almost everything...
  11. m33kuh

    Warcraft Bots Prowling Everywhere

    Yeah I know. I also made that as a reference to a private server. Where else do bots occur first but retails themselves. Ah right I remember that. Have you also remembered the gift wrap bug which you can duplicate any items and sell them?
  12. m33kuh

    Rpg, Yes Or No?

    Definitely do! My main RPG game as of now is World of Warcraft. I am playing on a private server. But before WoW, I was hooked into this MMORPG game called Ragnarok Online and I really enjoyed the times that I have spent playing that game. :')
  13. m33kuh

    When did you last upgrade your PC hardware?

    Probably last year around November. I forgot what day was it though. I had to change my aftermarket cooler and case because I wanted to have a bigger tower instead of a mini tower. So yeah so far all is going well, at least for now.
  14. m33kuh

    Which Is Convenient For Gaming

    True. I prefer wired peripherals too instead of wireless specially when it comes to mouse and keyboard. Sure headset can be wireless as it really doesn't affect your gameplay that much but those two I mentioned are very essential specially when it comes to response time.
  15. m33kuh

    What heroes do you enjoy playing the most?

    Awesome. It's not everyday we get to see supports or offlaners here. Good job bro. And good picks too! Those are the must-have heroes specially Nyx Assasin. Above 50% pick rate because of his team fight interaction and map awareness. Phoenix is also a good support hero specially if you give him...
  16. m33kuh

    How desperate are you for gaming?

    LOL! Is this really for real? :D But I admit it happened to me too. But not to the point that I totally missed the opportunity or something. I guess I got lucky fortunately I was forgiven for my tardiness. :p The truth is I was finishing up a game which can't be paused or if I leave, I'd surely...
  17. m33kuh

    Warcraft Bots Prowling Everywhere

    Maannn, bots are rampant in WoW specially in private servers. I remember this fly hacking happening in Warsong Gulch and it's funny but frustrating at the same time. A human holding a flag swimming up in the air. Now where can you see that? Instant win for them because I'm a hordie. x.x
  18. m33kuh

    Do you ever feel bad at killing someone in games?

    I am remorseless when it comes to killing! Lmao. Why would you feel bad if you kill someone in a game? It's called a game because it's fun to play with other people and it's virtual not real. Oh wait, ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT GAMES LIKE HUNGER GAMES? >:D
  19. m33kuh

    Favorite horror game?

    I'd say outlast. Haven't played any other horror games that are scary that Outlast. I have also seen a lot of people lose their thing when they play that scary game. Specially if you play it in VR!
  20. m33kuh

    How long has it been?

    Oy it would've worked if you acted like a teenager. Hehe. :3 I pretend not to take any nap times or longer sleep hours because I am sticking to my motto. :p