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    Do you enjoy reading?

    mean either. most of them are boring and I don't see how they would really teach us anything, I wonder who picked these books....
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    If you won a million dollars..

    No one besides me and Joe would donate? Come on people. There are people out there who have been abandoned and don't have anything. The least you could do is give a little.
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    General Chat Thread

    doesn't sound like much fun for me either. :D haven't been here for a while, nice to have time to make a couple of posts.
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    Movies you're looking forward to?

    The books definitely don't have as much fighting as the LOTR though...there is quite a bit of rests where they just relax in the hobbit.
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    If you could make your own console

    I would make something that let's you play soccer almost virtually, like wii fit but instead of exercising you are playing soccer. that would be cool.
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    Most challenging Game Ever?

    Don't laugh at me...the most challenging one I ever played was new super mario bros wii.
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    Do you have to complete a game 100%?

    I never did this until I found out like last November that a lot of games have secrets. I would probably do this for Super Mario Galaxy 2 because it is fun, but not for SSBB which would take for ever or Mario Kart because I don't really care enough to get all the karts.
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    Favourite Game Genre

    Definitely adventure and soccer games. I love adventure games because they have sweet stories, scenery, and characters.
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    Console vs Handheld

    Console, because the games are so much better, the graphics are better too. And it is easier to play multiplayer with consoles, you don't need a whole new system
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    Best Soda/Pop?

    Cream soda is the way to go. It is the best type of soda out there, especially different favors of cream soda. Jones cream soda is delicious.
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    Yes I do use itunes to get music on my ipod. I am pretty sure anyone who owns an ipod uses itunes.
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    What would make the XBOX better?

    More family friendly games, and also star wars battlefront 3. I don't really care a lot about the features of the actual console as the games themselves.
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    General Chat Thread

    Dude, that's how I was feeling a long time ago! When I get some more spare time soon, I am going to totally play retro paper mario again!
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    If you won a million dollars..

    I would use a lot of it to pay for college and get a car, also use it to pay for daily needs, get a few leisure things, and donate like half of it to charity.
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    Do you enjoy reading?

    I like to read a lot of books, especially adventure books like lord of the rings and the inheritance series. But I don't like to be forced to read boring books...
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    Temple Run

    I have played this game before, and I played it a lot. I got to like almost 2 million on it, but then I accidentally deleted it. :D
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    Using Cheats

    I use strategy guides and or cheats if I am really stuck in game. It is no use to me to go around an hour in the same place if I can just use a strat guide and figure it out.
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    Why do you actually enjoy gaming?

    I enjoy playing with other people, having a challenge, and looking at fantasy stories. I also like the beautiful scenery of soem games like galaxy 2.
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    How many games do you have?

    Too many to count--- definitely more than 100. Probably around 120. I need to sell some of my games.
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    Nintendo 3DS

    I don't think a new pokemon will come out on it for a while. But I think these games- super smash bros, luigi mansion, paper mario, mario bros, and mario kart, kid icarus, and ocarina of time- warrant a 3ds purchase.