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  1. pierrepotro

    What game made you laugh?

    South Park: The Fractured but Whole is one of the funniest games I've played, which you can of course expect from South Park and with a title like that.
  2. pierrepotro

    Your Favorite Sega Game

    Virtua Tennis is my favorite, mainly because I love tennis and I thought the Sega games are one of the best adaptations of the sport into a video game.
  3. pierrepotro

    90's Beat 'em Up Games

    Marvel vs Capcom is my favorite, because I grew up knowing the characters from the comics and thinking about having powers myself as well.
  4. pierrepotro

    How often do you preorder games?

    I don't preorder games anymore, I'd rather hear some feedback first from other people i the game is worth it, or just wait until the games go on sale before buying it, I'm not really in a rush to play any specific game.
  5. pierrepotro

    What is your favorite role in DOTA?

    I don't have much time playing video games anymore, so I just fall back to playing support since it's less pressure to carry and you just need to have a good sense of macro to do well, and you can have that even when you can't play a lot, unlike the more mechanically-intensive roles.
  6. pierrepotro

    Creating Your Own Game

    Haven't even thought about it because the amount of time and money it will take to make even the worst game you can think of is a lot, how much more for those popular names which took a big gaming company years before they are even released, and even then there can be problems with bugs...
  7. pierrepotro

    Will PC gaming ever take over completely??

    I'm mainly a PC gamer, but I think the high costs of having a real gaming PC compared to just owning a console or mobile gaming is a barrier towards people going into PC games. It's also much harder to learn to use the mouse and keyboard for gaming when controllers have been optimized for gaming...
  8. pierrepotro

    Do you ever feel bad at killing someone in games?

    Not really, a game is a game and it's just fantasy and doesn't mean anything in the real world.
  9. pierrepotro

    Wireless accessories

    I prefer wireless because it's a lot less hassle than worrying about my position when playing because of all the wires. The performance between the two is almost the same, anyway.
  10. pierrepotro

    Side quests

    The hallmark for me of a great game is how immersive the side quests can be apart from the main plot. I really like it when I can delay my main quests because I really enjoy getting sidetracked with the other quests.
  11. pierrepotro

    What do you ...

    Good graphics and I love when the game is just very innovative with its gameplay, especially for strategy games.
  12. pierrepotro

    Moments in games where you just want to smash the controller

    Playing fighting games with a friend or relative, it's just frustrating when you lose over and over again.
  13. pierrepotro

    witch is better?

    I prefer the Playstation mainlyeause the exclusive games are better compared to thoae available in Xbox, while the rest are fairly similar.
  14. pierrepotro

    What started it all?

    I'm more of a PC guy, the first device I had was the Gameboy and I played a lot of Pokemon back in the day, and I still play it sometimes via an emulator due to the nostalgia.
  15. pierrepotro

    Your Fave Anime Character

    My favorite is Killua from Hunter X Hunter, because of his background and his skills even as a kid, and I also like his friendship with Gon.
  16. pierrepotro

    How good is your gaming skills

    I play mostly PC games, and only a handful of them, and I'll say I'm really pretty good at them, say around 8.5/10 in skills, with 10 being pros and 6 being the average person.
  17. pierrepotro

    Pre-Order vs Rental?

    I don't really like either since I rather own something that I know is good, so I usually wait a while before buying the game I'm interested in just to see if there are no bugs, the gameplay is really good, and it's worth my money.
  18. pierrepotro

    Good Gaming Tips

    Everything depends on what game you're playing, so if you really want to be good at something, then practice that game, for PC gaming invest in a good mouse and keyboard as it will significantly improve your gaming experience, and just have fun.
  19. pierrepotro

    Starting up game store

    Starting a store is very different than just being good at the games you play and would take a lot of initial capital, and even then the market is already saturated with these types of stores especially with the advent of online stores, that you really can't compete with them just with your...
  20. pierrepotro

    Are Games Getting Boring to talk about?

    Not really, especially when talking about your favorite games regarding strategy and playing in general. I enjoy the discussions and while I don't really come looking for new games, there are some great suggestions that I've seen over the course of my stay in these forums.