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  1. pizzalover

    Can You Cheat On Call Of Duty?

    I have to admit that I always cheat playing games even playing The Sims. I want to know if you can Cheat playing Call of Duty or not?. Maybe you could write some codes like in GTA Vice city where you could write "letmealone" and the cops forget that they were persecuting you.
  2. pizzalover

    Do you still Play Minecraft

    I have to admit that I never download this game but I played I few times on a friend's tablet. I must say that I do not like this game it is not that interesting the only thing exciting about this game it is when it is dark and you have to go inside the infrastructure that you built. I prefer to...
  3. pizzalover

    Any Good Detective Games?

    I recommend you, Gemini Rue, this is a game where the principal character talks to people and objects to solve puzzles. Azriel Odin is an assassin now turned to a law enforcer who is looking to get information about his brother. I will also recommend you Art of murder series where the player...
  4. pizzalover

    Favourite Online Game OF ALL TIME!

    My favorite online game was Habbo Hotel, that game was awesome. the reason why I liked so much it was because you met new people from all around the world and you could personalize your doll.
  5. pizzalover

    What Console Do You Use The Most?

    The console I use the most is my WII because, it is the only one that I had, haha, but I want to buy another one. I am between Xbox or Play. Which is better?
  6. pizzalover

    Share your Youtube Gaming Channel

    I don't have any youtube gaming channel, can someone tell me one? I only know pewdiepie who is a boy who uploads videos on youtube of him playing video games, he is very funny.
  7. pizzalover

    Is Destiny Better Than Call Of Duty?

    Some people had told that Destiny is better but, some other people don't. I don't know which is better, I will appreciate your opinion and experiences.
  8. pizzalover

    Do you ever feel bad at killing someone in games?

    No, I don't. I remember when I used to play GTA Vice City I cheated with a code where every woman who was around my character follow him so, I used a tool and kill them all. I know it sounds horrible but when I kill them I got all the money they had.
  9. pizzalover

    What is your favorite Nintendo 64 game?

    My favorite Nintendo 64 game was POKEMON, so many good memories with my cousins and my sister. We had two controls and spend all day at my grandparent's house playing. The game had so many levels and a lot of Pokemon to choose. Every one of them with a different super power. It also had...
  10. pizzalover

    Favorite PS2 Game?

    My Favorite PS2 game was Lilo and Stich it had so many minigames and levels that you could spend all day and even notice it was midnight again. It was a multiplayer game so you could play with your friends and your siblings and didn't have to fight for the control haha.
  11. pizzalover

    Last Game Played?

    The last game I played was The Sims on my computer. I love that game you can play it on your computer and even on your Nintendo. I have played it on my Wii and It is really fun.
  12. pizzalover

    Favorite Game?

    My favorite game is GTA vice city I could spend all day on the computer playing it. It has so many things to do. Even though It is not the newest it is really fun.
  13. pizzalover

    Hello Gamerebels

    Hello everyone, I am so excited to be here and I can't wait to share my experiences and read all your opinions. Hopefully together, make this forum even better.