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    PS3 How much longer?

    I think ps3 is already shut down and their finish producing game for it now its ps4 time.
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    PS3 How much longer?

    wow I've got to try that ps+ store
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    What are you looking forward to?

    I am very looking forward for the new ps4 pro it has a intense graphics with the games and much more faster than the other and plus it can play 4k on a 4k tv.
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    What are you looking forward to?

    I can't wait to play the new Crash Bandicoot remastered
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    Do you have a PS3?

    No I don't have a PS3 and i'm not shore that I need one.
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    Do you have a PS3?

    what does psn fute waggle
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    Game you can't stop playing

    The game I can't stop playing on PC is Fifa why because it's a enjoyable game with lots of features and new stuff for example it's got story mode(The journey)and UT(Ultimate Team of the week)to play against and also live game from the football match that you see on TV everyday.
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    Do you follow CSGO eSports events?

    I don't follow CSGO esports event because I don't know what it is or what it does to the computer or if it's virus.
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    Worst Game Ever Played?

    The worst game I ever played is Call of Juarez it has poor graphic and it plays very bad.
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    If you could live in any game...

    If I was to live in a game my game would fifa why because I would be a star and become famous to everyone when playing by them.
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    Twitch vs YouTube | Which do you Prefer?

    I prefer youtube than twitch because it's the first i'm hearing of twitch.Youtube stream good and runs very fast.
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    PC vs Console

    I think sooner or later pc is going to take over than console why because pc is the most advance tech now than console and will always be.
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    At what age did you get your first console/PC?

    I got my first console when I age of 13.Very first time playing on my own console, however I still got it.
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    Board Games

    My board game was Snake and ladder it's fun when four person is playing it's like you role one dice and any number it stop on that the amount of move you take.
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    Have you ever made a game?

    First game I ever made was a MUGEN game it was name Street Fighter vs Dragon ball z.It has a lot of character in it and also lot of stages to choose from.It wasn't easy to build but I think I did a great job.
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    First game you ever played..

    The first game I ever played from experiencing game was Mario kart on Nintendo64.
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    Share your Youtube Gaming Channel

    Channel link:https://www.youtube.come/channel/vanoss gaming Description Official Vanoss Gaming YouTube Channel.
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    Favorite Game?

    My favorite game of all time is FIFA.I can't live without playing fifa .
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    Last Game Played?

    The last game I played was Battlefield 1 2017 version.
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    Favorite GTA Car

    My favorite GTA car is the white and black Mercedes Benz 2015.