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    Own/Owned An Android Phone?

    I did own an S3, but I gave it to my sister. Running Lumia 1320 now.
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    Hitman Absolution

    I've heard about this game a lot, should I get it?
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    Anybody play Mass Effect series?

    Does anybody here play or had played any of the Mass Effect games? I enjoy them a lot.
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    ProTechModz - 1k Members!

    UID wise it would, but membercount wise, no.
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    13 Things You Didn’t Know About Nintendo

    Nintendo is greater than Sony *faint* Nintendo is greater than Nike *faint* Nintendo is greater than Yahoo *faint* SMASH!!!
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    Are you a saver or a spender?

    I'm a saver, nothing much to say besides that I don't buy much things. People think I'm "miserly"
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    People you look up to

    Nobody? I don't know, just for some reason I can't find someone who is a REAL role model to me.
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    E2Shock's Interview

    @Tox Why the f*** didn't I think of that earlier? Thanks for the suggestion.
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    E2Shock's Interview

    @Fyre Seriously, I don't know. @Toxique IMMA FIRIN MY LASAH AT I-DONT-CARE-WHO-THE-FUCK
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    E2Shock's Interview

    ...bleh Just ask a question already.
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    Sony:1 Microsoft:0

    This is going to cost them a lot. Especially gamers of my caliber, we always have game sharing going on.
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    Do you smoke?

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    When do you finish school?

    3 frckin years.
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    Freeze Time for 1 Day

    Pretty tough question. Do whatever I could not do when time was not frozen.
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    Your 5 'Must Have' Programs?

    CCleaner avast! Firefox VLC Media Player Adobe Reader (i read a lot of ebooks)
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    Bad Advice

    Put some toothpicks on its paws. I want to get rid of IcyAds. (I'm totally not being serious)
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    3D Photorealistic Mockups

    Nicely done. Appreciate on releasing this for free.
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    Bad Advice

    Go to that midnight club. It has king sized beds. And bitches. I want a life.
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    Hulk Hogan Leg Drop ;D

    Was that scripted?
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    Bad Advice

    Shove your b**er inside him. My PC is obsessed with Blue Screen of Death