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  1. Avex

    Lol. It wasn't cancerous at all. I wanted to go into my side of the story in more depth. Sure, I...

    Lol. It wasn't cancerous at all. I wanted to go into my side of the story in more depth. Sure, I could have sent it to you on skype however I wanted other peoples take on it. In my eyes you were as unsympathetic as they get. The fact that you essentially censored me shows me that you've hardly...
  2. Avex

    Suggestion Black Desert Online

    With its rising popularity, I suggest you guys chuck in BDO in the MMO sections.
  3. Avex

    So tired of cheaters

    Depending on who's point you look at it from, I unfortunately contribute to the cs cheating scene, only for 5 people which is probably only around 0.01% of total cheaters. VAC is such a basic PoS that a toddler could bypass it. There's a large AU cheat developer who has a piece of software...
  4. Avex

    Do you own a knife skin?

    I'm sorry but what? They're aesthetics. They don't give you any bonuses. If you have the money to spare for it go for it. No-ones forcing you to, it's not like there's a p2w scenario in cs.
  5. Avex

    Favourite Classic song

    Anything by Sinatra and Nat King Cole
  6. Avex

    Build a PC for christmas, pls halp

    What games are you hoping to run with what settings? I assume the pricing is in USD?
  7. Avex

    My re-introduction.

    I was around when there was talk of a CWRP server, and even jumped on every now and then during testing. I never found interest in RP gamemodes though. I'll re-install cw and jump on in a sec, might take a bit because of trash Aus internet
  8. Avex

    Hyped for No Man's Sky?

    Pre-ordered it and oh how I was majorly disappointed. They don't care though, they made enough money from it.
  9. Avex

    Please someone tell me why it take years to develop a game

    Time frame also highly depends on what kind of game it is and how large of a team they have working on it. I can make a simple turn based game in just over a day including any distractions/breaks I take. When it comes to a large game such as WoW, which took I think roughly 5 years to make...
  10. Avex

    Is FIFА 15 still а pоpulаr оnlinе multiplаyеr gаmе?

    I haven't played FIFA 15 since early 2015, there's a fair few who still play online now but nothing compared to the current FIFA.
  11. Avex

    Explain the appeal of minecraft to a non player?

    The appeal would be the simplicity. Simple game mechanics. Solo survival is fun for a while, then you move on to survival online, that's when it gets real. Especially when a server contains plugins. You see that drop over there? Yeah, so do 4 other people. Want to log off? Well, you might not...
  12. Avex

    Do you think GTA V is too violent?

    I do get what you're getting at, don't get me wrong. But they tried making it as "realistic" as possible without steering too far off the core focus of the GTA series. This obviously includes harming animals because we can do it in real life. Although you'd have to be pretty sadistic to do so...
  13. Avex

    Were you ever in Silver? How long did it take you to get out?

    Started in LEM, got to SMFC. Quit for a bit and got ranked into MGE and am currently LEM again. I've smurfed in silver and oh my god. It's fair to say everyone starts somewhere though.
  14. Avex

    When did you think Call of Duty lost its way?

    Honestly, when they turned it futuristic. Who cares about jetpacks, wall running and all these other unnecessary additions. Black Ops 2 was the last one I enjoyed - it didn't wander too far into the future. I've played all by AW and IW so far because it just doesn't feel the same. Take us back...
  15. Avex

    What's your opinion of "Freemium" Mobile Games?

    Honestly I have no issues with it. If the game is free, high quality and you're not forced to pay I don't see why the company isn't allowed to make some money from it. Like you mentioned, Clash of Clans is along these lines. It's high quality. You can get gems from removing obstacles. Yes those...
  16. Avex

    Game Rebels Android App

    It's been a long time coming, Jordan and I were discussing a mobile app in 2014. It's awesome to see it's finally happened.
  17. Avex

    Beyond Online - free-to-play 2D mmorpg

    Woah man! It's awesome to see that you're still working on this. I'll make sure to jump on and check it out sometime soon.
  18. Avex

    Suggestion Minecraft Server

    I assume that's a joke, right? Ha ha ha I'd be down for a minecraft server. Would be rad if it were factions though, haven't played a good factions server for a long time.
  19. Avex

    My re-introduction.

    Hey guys! My name's Blake. I'm one of the original founders of Game Rebels back when it was Jordan, Jack and I. Click me for my first introduction. I was demoted due to inactivity when very personal issues clashed with my online life and I stopped coming online for the most part and me, being...
  20. Avex


    Pretty pointless if you ask me. Well, not pointless - but why buy a steambox when you can build a computer for the same price.