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  1. Jack

    Who Remembers GameRebels like the Old one

    It's funny how I still have the chatlogs from skype and Jog, you haven't been here for 5 years mate, you've been at ASG maybe for 5 years but not in my community. If you want to play like that Jordan, I'll be filing legal action if your profiting from ideas I made which I have proof for.
  2. Jack

    Who Remembers GameRebels like the Old one

    GameRebels was originally my idea with Jordan. He approached me asking if I wanted to still setup a gaming forum I was like yeah sure, we had another partner ad well. I also was the one to get game servers involved and Jordan wouldn't know clonewars if it weren't for me however I got pushed out...
  3. Jack

    Who Remembers GameRebels like the Old one

    I don't think that's quite what happened now was it Jordan :D Come on now!
  4. Jack

    Lets Get Social!

    Let's do this!
  5. Jack

    Hey Guys

    Welcome, enjoy browsing our forums of gaming wonderland! :D
  6. Jack

    I Am Me

    Welcome Zander!
  7. Jack

    Lack of Activity

    So I think it's fair to say I have been quite 'off the radar' the past few weeks. Therefore, I completely apologize for this. Some issues have arisen in my life which have caused me to take a downfall in activity. At the moment it's still an issue for me, and it may still be for the rest of my...
  8. Jack

    Your first online game?

    Habbo! If that counted as a game :D
  9. Jack


    Welcome to GameRebels!
  10. Jack

    What is the best zombie survival first-person/third person shooter at the moment?

    Call of Duty had a really good Zombies thing going on, especially in World at War but err... i'm not in to the Zombies FPS games.
  11. Jack

    Suggestion Rebellions 4 Premium?

    I agree with everything you said here however I like to see quite a few colours now and then on the forums. However, if we have no premium, how else does the forum receive an income to stand on it's own two legs.
  12. Jack

    As in buying it from?

    As in buying it from?
  13. Jack

    Hey From New Mexico

    Welcome to GameRebels!
  14. Jack


    Welcome @Lex, I hope you enjoy your stay here at GameRebels!
  15. Jack

    Weather ?

    I don't know the exact temperature here in Britain something like 30 degree's Celsius? It's way too hot.
  16. Jack

    Feedback A Fanmade Q&A

    Well explained! Was quite disheartened to see that we weren't included however i've been away for quite some while and can see the confusion been made.
  17. Jack

    What are you listening to?

  18. Jack


    Welcome @Joey, I hope you stick around and have a good time.
  19. Jack

    Sup mate

    Welcome to GameRebels! Enjoy your stay.