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  1. sarahme85

    Wii U Games Cost $59.99

    I may be the only one that doesn't run out and get the new Wii U games on release. I bought the system for my kids to play. For whatever reason I have found that the kids have a better and easier time playing the Wii U versus the XBox 360 or the XBox One. I buy our games for the Wii U from Game...
  2. sarahme85

    How much can u rate destiny over ten(/10)?

    I am absolutely obsessed with Destiny. When it was first released the story was pretty simple and quick to get through so that was a bummer. Since then it has evolved into an all encompassing game of multiplayer and solo stories and challenges. It's changed so much that despite loving it SO much...
  3. sarahme85

    Xbox One banning for CURSING!?!

    I am terrified of playing multiplayer with a head set because my gamer tag says it all: Guttermouth17 -- indication enough why I should be silenced. I cannot play any game without pulling out the biggest baddest curse words.