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  1. Asadullah

    Why do you think Minecraft has become so popular?

    Because of its fantasy. Its one of the most liked game. Its features are awesome and its much amusing game. From children to elders.
  2. Asadullah

    What's The First Game You Played On Pc

    It was GTA Vice city! :cool:
  3. Asadullah

    What are you listening to?

  4. Asadullah

    Favourite Movie?

    I don't really have any favourite movie. I just watch every movie and enjoy! :p
  5. Asadullah

    Which System Did You Start With?

    p4 as usual most of newbie's did. :p Now i have coure ! 5. better for me atleast.
  6. Asadullah

    Have you ever been in a clan with people from different countries?

    I'm member of an international clan UF - Unique Force. Its a VC-MP clan. Joined it about 2 years ago. http://uf-clan.vc-mp.net/
  7. Asadullah

    Last film you watched ?

    Dhruva - Its a telugu movie.
  8. Asadullah

    Any Vc-mp Player Here ?

    VCMP stands for Vice City Multiplayer. Its an online game where people can play and chat together. Official site: https://vc-mp.org/ Community: https://forum.vc-mp.org/ wiki: https://wiki.vc-mp.org/ Here is some more usefull information about it. ( tutorials ) - Vice city Academy -...
  9. Asadullah

    Where do you buy games?

    Till now, I haven't bought any game online. There is a friend of mine who owns CD's shop. So whenever there is a new game release he informs me about it and i go
  10. Asadullah

    Do you dream about your game?

    Not really. I don't wish to have my own game or develop one. I just enjoy playing new releases.
  11. Asadullah

    The "how Did I Beat This As A Kid" Moment.

    hahaha. This makes me remember of my childhood gaming. There was a game ( action game ) which i always used to play it was commonly know here as " Mustafa " - Basically, it was the name of the hero in the game [ saviour ? ] - While its full name is " Cadillac and Dinosaurs Mustaph ". I was...
  12. Asadullah

    Destiny 2 Is Already Getting Repetitive After 2 Weeks Of Playing

    If you ask me, Destiny was joyfull when i 1st played it. But the repeatations annoyed. I haven't played it so far than.
  13. Asadullah

    Hi All!!!

    Hello John, Welcome to Gamerebels! Thats what we are here for. Intellectual video gaming conversation and chats. Hope to see you around in topics. Enjoy your stay!
  14. Asadullah

    J Here!

    Hello Mr: J ! I'm myself very much interested in fields ( harvesting, farming etc... ). I like village life more than civil. Because its simple. Being around natural things makes me happier. I'd be very glad to know more about your lifestyles! Welcome to Gamerebels. :)
  15. Asadullah

    Hi, I'm Lucy

    Hello Lucy, Welcome to Gamerebels! Gaming is much fun. Live streaming and youtube videos are the actual source which interacts us to the games. Social media included. Every game gets promoted through it. That's how i come to know about new games and enjoy them. Hope you also enjoy!
  16. Asadullah

    New Citizen

    Hi Mildred, Nice to know about you. Welcome to Gamerebels. Hope you enjoy and gain knowledge of the field related to you.
  17. Asadullah

    Welcome To Me

    Hello diels, Welcome to Gamerebels! Internet is full of knowledge if you see that way. Sharing knowledge makes you confident not shy. And its a game community which definitely means we are going to have good fun here. Enjoy your stay! ;)
  18. Asadullah

    Hey Gamerebels!

    Hello Community, This is Asadullah Shaikh. A student, web developer and ofcourse passionate gamer. I'm on weekends so though to join a new gaming community. The name ofcommunity attracted me and hence I'm here today. Hope to enjoy with you guys!