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  1. Martin

    Hello Rebels

    Welcome to GameRebels, responsibility is horrible :(
  2. Martin

    Simple Minecraft House

    A Simple Minecraft House By Martin This is a simple Minecraft house that is pretty easy to copy and build in a survival world.If you have any questions about it feel free to ask, but also feel free to suggest improvements and even build in your own world.
  3. Martin

    Your Favorite Youtuber?

    theRadBrad for gaming coverage for myself personally because I like seeing what all the games have to offer before buying and he does that well.
  4. Martin

    Last Game Played?

  5. Martin

    Last Game Played?

    Resident Evil HD Remake (PS4)
  6. Martin

    Last TV Show Watched

    The Last Ship.
  7. Martin

    Board Wide Updates V2

    Glad to see we are doing something more with the trophy system - always thought it would be a great thing to use on an gaming forum.
  8. Martin

    30,000 Posts for GameRebels

    Yeah I have been super busy unfortunately :(
  9. Martin

    Good to hear!

    Good to hear!
  10. Martin

    Currently playing the Resident Evil HD game on PS4.

    Currently playing the Resident Evil HD game on PS4.
  11. Martin

    I Am Me

    Welcome to our forums, look forward to your contributions.
  12. Martin


    Welcome to the forums, your contribution to the forums already has been great - look forward to seeing even more.
  13. Martin

    Bears, Hai.

    Welcome to GameRebels, I look forward to gaming discussions with you.
  14. Martin

    Minecraft Website HTML5

    Something nice and basic that can definitely do the job. Great work!
  15. Martin

    Satoru Iwata is dead

    Very good man, a big part of gaming indeed. He will be very much missed.
  16. Martin

    Hello all

    Welcome to the forums, you earn points from posting and other things like that. The link @tripz shared details everything well.
  17. Martin

    Windows 10?

    I have signed up for the free upgrade on my laptop but will hold off for a few days once it launches just to make sure everything is running as smooth as possible and that there are no major issues.
  18. Martin

    #xboxorweriot, what are your thoughts on this?

    It is pretty pathetic in my opinion. It's business and Activision are obviously going to want to partner with the console with the larger install base because it will otherwise mean they are neglecting DLC sales to a larger population of players otherwise which is just bad business for profits.
  19. Martin

    hey guys

    Welcome to the forums. We hope you will like our forums as much as you did PTM (if not a little bit more)
  20. Martin

    Your first online game?

    Club Penguin was probably my first online experience in a video game.