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  1. yurithebest1

    Nintendo 3DS

    I don't have a 3DS and to be honest i really don't need it because i may find its emulator online, so if you don't wanna buy one just look for a 3DS emulator online so that you can play 3DS games on it for free.
  2. yurithebest1

    Do you wish your old PS2 games worked?

    Oh i think that you're very lucky to have the backwards compatibility in your Playstation 3 and i think that if you wanna sell it you will earn a lot of money from it just because of that special feature.
  3. yurithebest1

    Do you have to complete a game 100%?

    Well yeah i agree with you because the Playstation 3 virtual trophies just push us to complete all the game perfectly, and to be honest i used to do that even without trophies.
  4. yurithebest1

    Last Game Played?

    I have heard a lot about that game called Gears of War 3 but i have never had the opportunity to try it because i don't have an Xbox 360 console anymore, well maybe when Windows 8 will be released i will try to get that Xbox 360 game and play it on the computer, because i heard that Windows 8...
  5. yurithebest1

    Xbox ventilation problem

    I have never had that message before when i used to have an Xbox 360, but my suggestion is to open the console and clean it very well, and here is a video that will help you clean your Xbox 360... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JRvrqHOOjU
  6. yurithebest1

    WHY do you game?

    I really like to play video games because they help me relax and forget about most of my problems, and once i start playing them my body and mind just move to a whole new world.
  7. yurithebest1

    Gran Turismo 5

    I bought Gran Turismo 5 about three or four months ago for my Playstation 3 because I heard a lot of people saying that it is a very great game, but when I started playing it I was just disappointed to discover how hard it is, I mean I need a special car for every race, and that makes things...
  8. yurithebest1

    Pokemon Black & White 2

    YAY thank you for the good news, i am pretty sure that this news will really cheer up my cousin who own a NDS, and personally i am also a big fan of the Pokemon series even if i don't have a NDS, but thank God that there is still a NDS emulator online.
  9. yurithebest1

    Zerg Rush In Google

    Thanks man for sharing that very great trick with us and to be honest i am big fan of Starcraft that's why i really loved that trick, and by the way this is the very first time for me to know that people working at Google do also love playing Starcraft :D.
  10. yurithebest1

    How long do you play each day?

    Well i play about three or four hours per week on my Playstation 3 simply because i am too busy these days, but in summer when i usually have nothing to do i play almost all day long because i just love video games.
  11. yurithebest1

    Do you have an original Xbox?

    I used to have an original Xbox 360 console but i sold it because of the RRoD, and to be honest i really want a new one simply because i enjoy playing the exclusive games of the Xbox 360, however i am still trying to spend a good time with my current PS3.
  12. yurithebest1

    How many games do you own?

    Since i have a jailbroken Playstation 3 i always have to delete previous games in order to install new games on it, and the number of games that i have now on my Playstation 3 are about seven games, i also have some couple of mini-games on my PC that i really enjoy playing when i don't have an...
  13. yurithebest1

    Using Cheats

    The only game that i remember cheating on it is GTA haha, because it's very fun to cheat on that game in order to drive super fast cars, helicopters, and tanks, and i also enjoyed having many kind of weapons.
  14. yurithebest1

    Which System Did You Start With?

    The first console that i first had is the NES and to be honest i really enjoyed playing many games on it such as Super Mario, Contra, tanks, and duck hunt.
  15. yurithebest1

    Desktop or Laptop?

    I prefer using my laptop for business stuff and for studying as well as for keeping my favorite TV shows and movies, but of course for gaming i need a very strong desktop which i really don't have right now.
  16. yurithebest1

    Do you wish your old PS2 games worked?

    Well i don't have a Playstation 2 anymore because i sold it when the Playstation 3 was released, and to be honest i really miss playing all those PS2 games, especially games such as GTA: San Andreas, Burnout 3, Metal Gear Sold and many other games.
  17. yurithebest1

    Open Diablo 3 Beta!

    Unfortunately i didn't download the game because my laptop just cannot handle it, but i am really planning to get a new gaming laptop in the near future in order to play that game and other games on it.
  18. yurithebest1

    Gameboy Pocket

    I used to have a Gameboy Color that i bought when i was a kid just for the sake of playing Pokemon on it and yeah i successfully ended that game, but after ending it i had to sell the Gameboy again and to be honest i really regret doing so.
  19. yurithebest1

    New Diablo 3 TV Commercial

    Nice commercial dude ! but unfortunately i really cannot play that game this month because my damn laptop really sucks, in fact i think that i have to call it a business laptop because every time i try to play a game on it it starts heating up, i think it's time to get a new laptop.
  20. yurithebest1

    Wireless or Wired controllers

    Of course i prefer wireless controllers which enable to move without having to care about the cords, but the only side effect that i really hate about them is that i have to recharge their batteries every now and then and sometimes the controllers just shut down in the middle of a game because...