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  1. Reverie

    [.APK] Flappy Bird Download [Android]

    I deleted the App then reinstalled it from the store. And now I randomly decide to play when I want to hit my phone. :P Wonder how many people go out of their way to download the app xD
  2. Reverie

    Twitch vs YouTube | Which do you Prefer?

    I've never really used Twitch other than once. I think I like Youtube because I can enjoy several videos easily within a short amount of time. I do like how with Twitch you can communicate with the viewers and such though!
  3. Reverie

    New Colors For The PlayStation 4 Controller

    I've seen them on custom shops on Instagram for playstation! :) They definitely look awesome.
  4. Reverie

    Remakes of Maps

    I definitely love that map! Hijacked was pretty well designed and was small. I was hoping Collision would be a reminder of that map but it wasn't too similar. But it does remind me of freight from BO2 though! I'm not too fond of the remake of Favela from MW2. It is very similar, probably a...
  5. Reverie

    New Colors For The PlayStation 4 Controller

    I think I've seen a purple one for the ps3 from Sony but not too sure. I was thinking of customly ordering a controller for the ps4, which I will probably end up doing. I want a purple zebra stripe one or something, or a purple galaxy type scene.
  6. Reverie

    The 10 Most Common Dreams and Their Meanings!

    This really made me wonder how often people have the same dreams basically. Majority that were mentioned I haven't had but I can see how they can relate to what they really mean according to him. I think I've had 2 of the mentioned dreams, feeling trapped and then being chased.
  7. Reverie

    What are you listening to?

    Denmark + Winter - Every Breath You Take (The Police - Re:Imagined) I love this song. :D
  8. Reverie

    [POLL] Android or iOS

    I'm an android fan. I feel like Android is simpler while ios can be complicated for some users. D: Plus I just love Android.
  9. Reverie

    New Colors For The PlayStation 4 Controller

    I would really enjoy a purple one. But the blue above is actually really decent looking!
  10. Reverie

    Pets of GR

    Aw the dogs are so adorable Shane! I want a dog, but I think I am extremely picky on when it would to me having a dog
  11. Reverie

    Remakes of Maps

    What are your thoughts on the remakes of maps? Were you happy or upset about the remakes? I know in most remakes they modify the map a bit, so far I know in Ghosts they have Favela from MW2 which hasn't been modified or anything. It's how it was originally. Favorite Remakes/Least...
  12. Reverie

    Do you have PSN plus

    Was it permanent free Playstation plus then? O.o
  13. Reverie

    Favorite Anime?

    I think my favorite will always be Inuyasha. I loved the ideas of the show... Like, having the time lapse and everything. And how Inuyasha visits the present and Kagome goes into the past. The show has so many details that allow yourself to get lost in the show!
  14. Reverie

    Sex Tape Movie

    The movie looks like it will definitely make me laugh. But I love the guy actor. It looks like one of those comedy movies that will have a secret life/relationship tips. I hope the funniest parts aren't shown in the trailer and then the rest of the movie is just blah, I doubt that will be the...
  15. Reverie

    Favorite type of image to make?

    I love to make sigs and avatars. I love making avatars and I feel a sense of accomplishment when others use the avatars I make. :) Plus it's fun to get all my ideas into a smaller canvas. Sigs are a nice way to put a picture I want to share with others all into one canvas that I feel either...
  16. Reverie

    If you can play a guitar, keep thinkin'

    Truly is amazing. <3 I love the guitar. He truly did an amazing job in both pieces. I have noticed when listening to the guitar versions and the CD version there is usually a noticeable difference but he was on key each time and was able to reach the CD quality while also adding a twist to it!
  17. Reverie

    Anyone here into Runescape at all?

    Those are my stats. :P I play randomly. Like once a month every other month or so. I used to play a lot. I let my membership run out so now I'm just a F2P so I really don't do much other than work on fishing now.
  18. Reverie

    Flappy Bird Highscores

    My high score is simply 25. This game definitely ticks me off. The random lag, the times where the bird doesn't even show up on the screen. This game overall just ticks me off lol.
  19. Reverie

    My Old Port

    I enjoy the youtube backgrounds! They are very good like most people said already. :)
  20. Reverie

    Photoshop's Design Remake

    RE: Photshop's Design Remake It's very close, it looks like it's way off due to the black and white. It's just the effect on the eyes. I really like it though! :D