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  1. Dodge

    Anyone got any Predictions to what is going to happen to TF2 in the coming years?

    The fate of TF2 is quite cloudy and I would like to hear other peoples opinions to see what they have to say about the future of TF2. whether you are selling all of your items to prepare for the fall or buying up I would like to know. -Dodge
  2. Dodge


    bit late for input here but i used to play alot of community and sometimes casual, was also somewhat big on the trading scene at one point.
  3. Dodge

    Seems People Don't Like Jordan's Pizzeria.

    That's a Spicy meme ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. Dodge

    Guess Who's Back, Back Again, Dodge's Back, Back Again!

    Risen from the dead to give the living haircuts! Happy to see y'all again!
  5. Dodge

    Charger's Modeling Corner

    Im still after those Shadow Squad Remodels Charger....
  6. Dodge

    Global Staff List

    hey my fellow amigo i am not on CW moderator list. your fellow amigo dodge.
  7. Dodge


  8. Dodge


    hey im up for some bf1 on ps4 if anyone is offering