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  1. Skeptik

    Skeptik's Interview Thread

    Barely enough to like you
  2. Skeptik

    Skeptik's Interview Thread

    Ask me questions, you.. lovely.. faggots. :]
  3. Skeptik

    MyBB ACP Login

    Damn, that looks nice. Wish I could code. :p
  4. Skeptik

    Beats headphones banned from World Cup

    I hope Apple gets raped in the arse.
  5. Skeptik

    Recovery Lobbies!

    Just added you, my friend would like a MW2 lobby.
  6. Skeptik

    Jasper has Arrived

    Welcome aboard PTM! Stay active!
  7. Skeptik

    Harry Potter Fans?

    I enjoy both the books and movies.
  8. Skeptik

    Recovery Lobbies!

    Oh, well can you infect my friend and I for free on COD4?
  9. Skeptik

    Favorite Footballer?

    Either Ronaldo or Luis Suarez!
  10. Skeptik

    Recovery Lobbies!

    Is MW2 the only game you do? I'll give you 4 XBL 7 day trials for 15th on BO1 :)
  11. Skeptik

    First.. Manipulation?

    Haha, yes I did. Same render and everything. BakaArts made it.
  12. Skeptik

    First.. Manipulation?

    Sooo I'm messing around in Photoshop and watched a tutorial and this is my outcome.. CnC please. :)
  13. Skeptik

    What's your favorite resource(s) for emulators

    I always go to www.coolrom.com - best site.
  14. Skeptik

    BO2 Zombies - How to Rank Up

    This is the one thing I never knew about zombies. Thanks!
  15. Skeptik

    400 posts/ Master

    Congrats, Tyler BB <3
  16. Skeptik


    I've gone bow hunting once. It's fun if you see shit.
  17. Skeptik

    Project Survival

    Hello PTM, I am a Social Media Manager for a Game Development Team. We are creating an online FPS survival game.We are looking for people to help us. Team: Dark Corner Development : Scripts nika7586: Modeler and Owner of I AM a GAME Trojans: Scripts Hardcore: Modeler Florian: Tester...
  18. Skeptik

    Trick Or Treating?

    I go to hang out with my cousins and friends. We ride around a big neighborhood in a trailer hooked up to a fourwheeler. :p
  19. Skeptik

    Hi all

    Welcome to PTM!
  20. Skeptik

    Need Sig!

    My PC has been broken since April, I have been using my tablet ever since.