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  1. cortana

    Do you think GTA V is too violent?

    100% no. It's a video game and it's meant for entertainment.
  2. cortana

    Xbox 360 Did your Xbox 360 freeze if you played too long?

    I would jump on Battlefield and after like 2 -3 hours of multiplayer, my Xbox 360 would just freeze out of nowhere. Always at the worst time too, like when I'm about to get a dog tag from a sniper I've been hunting!! Only fix was to hard reset. Eventually I got the red ring and tried to put...
  3. cortana

    Do you spend money on gaming gear?

    Great points! Who has bought a pair of Jordan's and then thought they were the best basketball player in history, but then they go to the court and they're just the same ol guy with the same average skills and a flashy pair of $180 shoes. money well wasted!
  4. cortana

    Fallout 3 player beats the game in less than 15 minutes

    I just can't believe how long it takes to make a game and a speedrunner crushes it in 15 minutes! That's like how long it takes to beat those old Nintendo games. You can run through Contra in 7 minutes!! Back in the day it took forever until we found the 30 lives code!!!
  5. cortana

    Do you spend money on gaming gear?

    Not really. I have an old office chair that I turned into my gamer chair. My sound system and TV is my old living room set. Whenever we upgrade something in the house, the old stuff goes to the gaming room. We put the good stuff in the rest of the house, and the older (still good) stuff where...
  6. cortana

    How do you buy your games?

    I order them from Microsoft because they usually give me a gift code to use on a future purchase. I ALWAYS order the hard disk too, because if I want to get 11 cents for it from GameStop one day, then at least I have that option! LOL
  7. cortana

    Bungie and the in game music

    I've always been a fan of Bungie's selection of music that they have very professionally orchestrated. If you kick back and listen to the music, without playing the game, it's reallllly well done. In fact, the Destiny music can allow you to imagine a better story than the game actually tells...