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  1. iNinetails

    Forza 4 Review

    Just look at the cover, the Reventon fits so well :D Being the racing fanatic I am, I MUST HAVE THIS GAME.
  2. iNinetails

    Gaming Mouse

    I use a Maxer A5090 gaming mouse. Has a nice adjustable DPI (Not Sensitive at all, Normal sensitivity, High Sensitivity, and Insane sensitivity), and has done me well for the past few months.
  3. iNinetails

    Sorry for being inactive guys! School's started and just got everything under control.

    Sorry for being inactive guys! School's started and just got everything under control.
  4. iNinetails

    Simple Minecraft House

    It's strange... I like it. :) Then again I'm not one to build in Minecraft. I like to live in holes, and make huge underground networks because they can be nearly impossible to find. If you can hide them correctly, anyways I like the house and keep up the work, maybe make a large version that's...
  5. iNinetails

    Home Burnt Down

    Oh my gosh... That is probably the worst news I could hear right now :( I hope it works itself out.
  6. iNinetails


    Hey! Welcome to the Game Rebels @Lex.
  7. iNinetails

    Xbox One Fake concepts

    There we some legit designs that I could see a not-so-well known kind of company doing. Microsoft just isn't adventurous enough to do some of those designs.
  8. iNinetails

    Glad to Meet You

    Welcome to Game Rebels :D I hope you enjoy your time with this amazing community :)
  9. iNinetails

    Michael's Testimonal

    Looks like I have a goal now :D
  10. iNinetails

    Ask Me Anything - Michael

    :D First person to go along with it!
  11. iNinetails

    Ask Me Anything - Michael

    Why... so... serious?
  12. iNinetails

    I guess you're gone :/

    I guess you're gone :/
  13. iNinetails

    Hey everybody, Xanthosh here!

    Welcome to Game Rebels! I hope you enjoy your time here just as I have enjoyed mine! :D
  14. iNinetails


  15. iNinetails

    Heya! Radix24 Here

    Welcome to Game Rebels my friend. I genuinely hope you enjoy your stay. :)
  16. iNinetails

    Games completed 2015

    Most games I play are not game you technically beat. Toribash and Minecraft are pretty much games that you play forever and ever because you never get a sense of actual completion, BUT I did beat CBW:Battle of Britain which was way too short for me. The story was very easy to predict because...
  17. iNinetails

    Three Word Story

    Thereonce was gamer who met this girl who had a serious game addiction and wanted a fat yellow twinky so she embarked
  18. iNinetails

    Game Rebels is Hiring!

    Not a problem @Sweettarts1 :)
  19. iNinetails

    Game Rebels is Hiring!

    @Sweettarts1 I don't think they are since the Forum Moderator spot is crossed out.
  20. iNinetails


    Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time on the forums.