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  1. BeautifulAngel

    Do you enjoy reading?

    I love to read, as a kid I was known as a book worm haha I would always have my nose in a book. I still kind of am like that however now I'm much more busy so I can't read as much as I would like to :(
  2. BeautifulAngel

    What are you listening to?

    I am listening to Sexin' on the dance floor by Cash Cash Featuring Jeffree Star
  3. BeautifulAngel

    The Avengers

    Anyone seen this yet? I really want to go see it! I've tried to go see it in the theatres 3 times now and they were sold out :( I really hope I can see it soon though because I've been wanting to go see it since the day I found out they were making a movie about it! If you seen it what...
  4. BeautifulAngel

    Online or offline?

    Do you prefer to play online or offline on your Xbox? To be honest I don't play Xbox enough to really care.. If I would play more I think I would rather online though just because you get to play with other people.
  5. BeautifulAngel

    How many tabs...

    How many tabs do you currently have open? I currently have 6 open, which is not a lot comparing to what I usually have open haha.
  6. BeautifulAngel

    Your mood?

    Let us know how you're feeling today! I am feeling energenic and happy today :)! It is currently 3 am and I'm pretty full of energy!
  7. BeautifulAngel

    Mario games

    I find Mario games are the best. Every time I see a new Mario game coming out I get all excited and can't wait to play the game. Anyone else addicted to Mario games? How many Mario games do you own and which is your favourite? My favourite Mario game so far is Mario Party for the...
  8. BeautifulAngel

    How many gaming consoles do you have?

    So how many do you have? I myself only own a PS2, however my parents own a Wii and Nintendo 64, my brother owns a PS3 and my boyfriend owns an Xbox 360 and I tend to play games with all of those consoles. To be honest I don't have a favourite console because there are some games only wii's...
  9. BeautifulAngel

    RollerCoaster Tycoon

    Anyone ever play? It is an amazing game! I love to play the game since I love the challenges and having to make so much money or build so much stuff in a certain amount of time. I find it gets addictive and it's really fun since everytime you build a park you can build it differently and...