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  1. JoshSucksAtGames

    Official Steam Sale 2016 thread

    All I bought during the summer sale was an Awesomenauts skin for a $1 lmao.
  2. JoshSucksAtGames

    New logo for GameRebels

    Can't tell if he's tryin' to play games or sell me pot.
  3. JoshSucksAtGames

    New logo for GameRebels

    We all know Jordan got that shit off Fiverr.
  4. JoshSucksAtGames

    Hello People of GameRebels

    With the permission of our wise and generous Admin @Jordan, I have been allowed to make this thread. It contains some self-advertising. So, I figured I would start by stating that this isn't spam. My name is Josh. I'm 21 years old and Im currently on a campaign to get partnered on a site called...
  5. JoshSucksAtGames

    New logo for GameRebels

    wtf lmao
  6. JoshSucksAtGames

    General Chat Thread

    Nice nice.
  7. JoshSucksAtGames

    Sah dude

    Suh dude
  8. JoshSucksAtGames

    General Chat Thread

    Welcome Newbie :) How's it goin?
  9. JoshSucksAtGames


    Welcome to da community. Hope ya enjoy your stay. Enjoy the memes!
  10. JoshSucksAtGames

    What is your favorite free-to-play game?

    Warface. Gotta love it's jank ass freezing
  11. JoshSucksAtGames

    General Chat Thread

    Howdy. How's it goin?
  12. JoshSucksAtGames

    Suggestion Overwatch Forum

    Nice moves, keep it up.
  13. JoshSucksAtGames

    What is your favorite free-to-play game?

    I like mobas... have yet to play Dota 2 tho. People say it's pretty challenging compared to other mobas. Tis true?
  14. JoshSucksAtGames

    Last Game Played?

    Just got done playin' some Awesomenauts. Was playing some Far Cry 1 b4 that.
  15. JoshSucksAtGames

    A wild crosodile appears

    Welcome to the community broski.
  16. JoshSucksAtGames


    IIRC, when I played Tomb Raider 1 on steam it used DOSBox. Took some configuring to get things to work and even then it was kinda janky, but things worked. It's awesome that stuff like DOSBox exists. Keepin' dem old games alive.
  17. JoshSucksAtGames


    I was actually going to hit you up about it. It's a goofy little shooter. Might get old quickly tho.
  18. JoshSucksAtGames

    Board Games

    Never played Risk IRL. I've played online Risk-esque games and they're pretty fun. My main go to is atWar. Next time I'm at my friends, I'm gonna see if they have risk (they own a bunch of other board games).
  19. JoshSucksAtGames

    Last Game Played?

    Played a few matches of Awesomenauts last night. Got my ass kicked.
  20. JoshSucksAtGames

    Follow you on twitter :)

    Follow you on twitter :)