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  1. Kharyode

    Game you can't stop playing

    Game I won't stop playing is God Of War and FIFA 13. I love those games, I'm always excited when ever I see my self playing them.
  2. Kharyode

    Longer or shorter story modes?

    I don't like shorter story mode game because when you finish the game that all it becomes boring. I prefer longer story mode game, you continue playing without thinking on how the game will end. Mission to missions
  3. Kharyode

    Yes or No Game

    Yes, You can be a worthy staff, if you really have the qualities. Do you do the right thing at the right time, be sincere?
  4. Kharyode

    What I hate about pc gaming

    The main reason why I don't like computer games are: It reduces the main graphics of the game, and it difficult to operate.
  5. Kharyode

    Losing Yourself (and Time) in the Game

    Losing your time in game is a sure thing. it is the main disadvantage of gaming. I do waste my time in gaming, but not that much because I do the right thing at the right time.
  6. Kharyode

    WHY do you game?

    Video games improve my mood, the are relaxing, and fade anxiety, Video games help in stimulating the growth of new neurons. They help you think quick, make fast decisions and analyses and lastly better hand - eye coordination.
  7. Kharyode

    What video game console did you spend most of your childhood with?

    The game I often play when I was a little child was ps1 , Sega. Playing Mario and some interesting game.
  8. Kharyode

    Gaming console you are just dying to have.

    The console I'm dying to have is PES 4. I just love the game console.
  9. Kharyode

    Your Rig

    Wow nice post, have seen interesting comment on rigs here. I love any interesting game with cool specs.
  10. Kharyode

    What are the Advantages of Video and Computer Games?

    If you believe this like it.. Absorption in a game distracts the mind from pain and discomfort. Many hospitals are encouraging children and others undergoing painful treatments to play games. Video games and computer games are known to improve hand - eye coordination and help players gain many...
  11. Kharyode

    Do You Use Cheat When Playing Game?

    Using cheats to play is very common. Some people will say it because the mission or the game is hard that why the use cheats. But to me when you use cheats to play a game is mean you not playing game. In many games, the objective is to win by defeating the other player or players or being the...
  12. Kharyode

    Games you would like to see..

    Hope you guys have watched The Flash series. Seriously I want to see a game on that. Just imagine the speed, those opponent will be tough as in the movie..
  13. Kharyode

    Who Plays FIFA HERE

    I played FIFA. I love the games skills, tackles, dribbling. I waiting for FIFA 18 also. Hope it will be nice.
  14. Kharyode

    If You Can Think of a Nickname about How you Play, it Will be...

    Scream it loud (NAILER). I love the name because I nail person /people that makes mouth in what I can beat them. I don't make mouth I only do actions. My actions speaks for me. So I actually place people were the are suppose to be. LOL..
  15. Kharyode

    How do you take losing when you were young?

    When I was young. All what I know about losing is that you can't play, or you are not the best. I feel bad when ever I loose to my eldest brother. He do laugh me telling me (Boy you need to grow up and learn). Those words are very annoying because he always won when are he say he will win. So...
  16. Kharyode

    Favorite hand-held system?

    Play station portable. My favorite hand held system was PSP. It portable I easily slut it in my pocket and take it to any were. I played it anywhere home, training place, on cab.
  17. Kharyode

    The Flash Savaitar Revelved

    I was thinking it was Eddie Thawne. Iris boyfriend, That cop..
  18. Kharyode


    Wow. I love that movie. She can sing to. Yes, you know she can sing because duh, she’s a professional singer (and killed it on the show), but what you don’t know is that she never stopped singing on set. She sang every day according to the rest of the cast.
  19. Kharyode

    Last film you watched ?

    Mine is Shadowshunter. you need to watch this movie it's very interesting and educative..
  20. Kharyode

    The Flash Savaitar Revelved

    Seriously I was shocked when he revelved himself as Future Berry.. I was wondering how does he know the flash plans and mission, not knowing he was the flash himself. Very interesting movie.