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Author: Razzy

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Wannabe Pro Gamer (Writer)
My name is Razzy and I've been gaming since I could walk, not really but that would be cool. My first system was a nintendo and after a few years I got into PC gaming. I get stuck in the middle of the arguement "What's better, PC or gaming consoles?" all the time :D

I'm a full time writer for many websites, so stay tuned for some sweet and delicious posts by me!

Some of the Top Games on Twitch in 2017

Twitch has come a long way since it's introduction to the gaming world, and we are all grateful for their services. They have thousands of games where players can stream and show other users what happens within the game they are playing at the time. Some play very popular games like league of legends and call of duty while others will stream super Mario bros because they have a sort of nostalgia when it comes to gaming. Obviously, the more popular the game, the more viewers you usually...

Fortnite Battle Royale tips and tricks you can use to win more games

Fornite hit the scene with a wave of followers almost overnight. It had close to 10,000,000 active PvP players in less than 2 months, so we know they are doing something right! Fornites battle royale mode is free to play, so that could have something to do with its overnight success. With this many people playing an amazing game, you will need a competitive edge in order to win. I'm not talking about purchasing any type of weapons or gear in order to have a damage or defense boost, I'm...

What Is PUBG Exactly? Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Info

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, or PUBG as most of us call it, is a survival type game that is extremely competitive. The game was developed, and still being worked on, by Bluehole and Brendan Greene holding the reigns as the creative director of everything. PUBG is the first standalone game that Brendan Greene has spear headed.

When you start out, you're dropped into an island that measures roughly 8x8km. The area is open and extremely vast, but get smaller as time goes on due to the...

Destiny 2 Is Already Getting Repetitive After 2 Weeks Of Playing

Most of the gaming world has heard of the game Destiny launched by Bungie. Well they recently launched Destiny 2 and it seems to be getting repetitive after just 2 weeks of playing. I myself had logged thousands of hours playing the first Destiny, and I love it a lot. I would run raids with my clan, play iron banner with friends and even go flawless with some other elite PvP players in my friends list every weekend. Sadly, the first Destiny has not come to an end but it did pave way for...